Doctoral Research Funding Application

Application Instructions

The Center for Professional Responsibility in Business and Society Faculty and Doctoral Student Research Support – Overview Academic Year 2020-2021

The Center is pleased to announce that it will be able to provide some financial support to help support Gies College of Business faculty and doctoral student’s ongoing research efforts. We anticipate being able to support three to five projects this academic year, with the likely maximum support to any one doctoral student being $7,500. The amount to be awarded will depend on the assessed quality of the project and its overall fit with the Center’s mission: The mission of the Center is to develop a national vision that articulates societal expectations of a professional’s responsibility and accountability at both the individual and organizational level. The Center prefers proposals that address issues such as the following:

  • The development and identification of professional responsibilities at the individual, organizational, and societal levels.
  • The commitment to professional responsibilities at the individual, organizational, and societal levels
  • The measurement, control, assurance and reporting of individual--- or organization--- level performance in terms of fulfilling professional responsibilities.
  • The applicability or descriptive validity of ethical or professional decision---making frameworks for characterizing the influence of diverse factors thought to influence the decision processes of individuals and organizations in attempting to fulfill their professional responsibilities.

These issues can be relevant to a wide range of economic and social contexts traditionally studied by doctoral students in accountancy, business administration, and finance.

To submit a proposal, applicants should submit this form, answering the four questions, as well as, upload a file with an itemized budget on the next page. In addition, applicants must arrange for a faculty advisor to send a short letter speaking to the scholarly merit of the research, the applicant’s promise, and current standing in the doctoral program. Any questions should be emailed to Professor Mark Peecher, who is the Academic Director of the Center (peecher@illinois.edu), and Renee Mandelbaum, the Associate Director (rmmand@illinois.edu). Submitted proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis.