Practicum - Information Systems/Operations Management - Spring 2020-Thursdays 5-8 pm

Are you interested in working with clients such as Graybar, P&G, Caterpillar, Country financial and John Deere ? Get real world experience which can give you a step up on the competition. This is a new practicum course, with limited seats for spring. Only 30 students in the pilot. We meet Thursdays from 5-7:50 pm , so it should not conflict with other classes.

This course helps you meet the requirement of either the Pick two courses or the Pick four courses list from the information systems degree plan, and an elective for the Operations management major.

Applications are now open. Please apply on Gies Groups at

Initial project ideas from the firms are around Robotic Process Automation, Blockchain, and Analytics/process optimization.

This course allows you to apply the topics you learn in the Information Systems and/or Operations Management curriculum in real world projects. This course follows the Action Learning template with a clear focus on delivering value to the client, while ensuring your learning outcomes. The teams are required to work closely with the sponsoring company. In addition, you are required to present final reports to the sponsoring company in the form of a written report and oral presentation. While you are provided guidance by the faculty as needed, the teams work closely with the sponsoring company. In class, we will help you gain the skills you will need to successfully complete the project.

If you work hard in this class, you will have a compelling story to tell as you interview for internships and jobs and you will gain skills that will help you succeed in your career.

Information systems students must complete BADM350 before registering for this course. Ideally, 352 and 353 as well, but concurrent enrollment in one or both of these courses in Spring 2020 would also help.

Operations Management students should complete BADM 275 or 375 by Fall 2019 before registering for this course.

Applications are now open. Please apply on Gies Groups at

Depending on the number of applications, I might have to hold interviews before making a final decision.

Only 30 students accepted for Spring 2020.

If you have questions, email me at vishal AT Illinois DOT edu