ICA Junior/Senior Offerings

ICA strives to prepare its members for both recruiting for and working in consulting. During the fall semester, ICA focuses on the recruitment season for the junior/senior members.

Consulting Consortium

September 03, 2022

The Consulting Consortium connects students with 20+ top consulting firms. It is targeted towards juniors and seniors interested in learning more about the attending firms. For 2020, the Consulting Consortium will be held virtually.

Application: Closed

Fall Bootcamp


The fall bootcamp offers six workshops that provide extensive training for the fall recruiting cycle to its junior/senior cohort. The members will be introduced to a variety of consulting fields through a variety of professional and social opportunities.

Application: Closed

BADM359 Class (For Juniors)

Deadline: October 24, 2022

Led by Professor June-Young Kim, BADM359: Business Problem Formulation and Solution offers students exclusive learning and networking opportunities with ICA's corporate sponsors. Through weekly casing and a capstone project, students are able to develop and refine their approach to identifying and solving business problems.

BADM 359 meets on Friday's from 11:00am-12:50am

BADM 359 Application: Will be open on October 17th, 2022

Fall Recruiting

Fall 2023

The Junior/Senior cohort are provided opportunities for ICA-exclusive networking opportunities with top consulting firms. Whether it be with corporate sponsors or ICA alumni, students are able to expand their professional network while learning about the different types of consulting.

Our fall bootcamp is a great opportunity for Juniors and Seniors to build their professional skills and create momentum going into recruiting season. We are excited to share our re-tooled curriculum with the group!

Matt Gallo

For the class of 2021 and 2022, the bootcamp will provide members an opportunity to advance their case/behavioral interview skills as well as further improve upon their soft skills in preparation for recruiting.

Haneen Said

As a student outside of Gies, I used to find myself behind the curve when applying for consulting jobs. However, the Illinois Consulting Academy's programming has left me prepared and confident for recruitment season!

AJ Ingram