General Career Development Timeline

Sample Undergraduate Timeline

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

  • General Education Courses
  • Business Core Courses
  • Declare a Major
  • Career Exploration Trek (Winter Break)
  • CEO Program (Summer)
  • Job Shadow and/or Summer Leadership Conference
  • Attend the Gies Showcases and Career Fairs

Junior Year

  • Apply for Summer Internship
  • Major Coursework
  • Business Core Classes
  • Study Abroad (if desired)
  • Complete summer internship
  • Attend the Gies Showcases and Career Fairs

Sample MAS Timeline

Freshman & Sophomore Years

Junior Year

Senior Year

MAS Program

Sample Residential Graduate Student Career Timeline


  • Complete Career Management Foundations Online Course
  • Participate in an "upskilling" program such as Forage

First Semester

Second Semester

Third Semester (if applicable)