General Career Development Timeline

Sample Undergraduate Timeline

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

  • Summer Internship
  • Major Coursework
  • Business Core Classes
  • Study Abroad (if desired)

Sample MAS Timeline

Freshman & Sophomore Years

Junior Year

Senior Year

MAS Program

Sample Residential 1 Year Graduate Student Career Timeline

Summer before Matriculation

Fall Semester

  • Attend Fall Gies Career Fair
  • Attend relevant national career fairs.
  • Begin building your professional network by reaching out to alumni and to recruiters from organizations you are interested in

Spring Semester

  • Attend Spring Gies Career Fair
  • Attend relevant national career fairs.
  • Focus your job search on the networking connections you made in the fall.
  • Continue building connections.


  • Graduation!
  • Continue seeking opportunities if needed