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Business 201 Introduces College of Business students to the primary functional areas of business and how each functional area relates to comprise a business system. Students will engage in a dynamic simulation to develop an understanding of the interdependencies between the functional areas. The course will also highlight and continue to develop the teamwork and leadership skills required of successful managers.

Class Benefits & Takeaways

This course highlights and develops the teamwork and leadership skills required of successful managers. Students who take this course gain the experience of working through an multi-week simulation of running a real world business. Along the way, you will develop numerous soft skills such as communication and problem solving, as well as the experience of working with a team to make numerous strategic decisions which they can take with them to use to progress your future careers.

Essential Skills

Enhance your communication, teamwork, analytical and problem solving skills

Professional Skills

Run a business making decisions in 4 key functional areas:  R&D|Marketing|Production|Finance


Work in a team with students from different backgrounds

Student Testimonials

See why students enjoyed the class and what they learned from their experience!

Zhara Trott

My favorite part about Business 201 was how exciting and engaging the class was able to be despite being one of many zoom sessions. The professor and section leaders were always available to give any help and made the effort to get to know us even if it was simply asking about our day. From this class, I learned the importance of forming friendships in teams, class, and the workplace. Thank you B201!

Patrick Driscoll

Some of my biggest takeaways from Business 201 include what it means to be a good teammate, how to communicate and resolve differences in opinions, and why premeditated strategy plays a huge role in project identity and success. Through the in-class practices of literary analysis and team-oriented simulation challenges, the skills I gained in this course can and will be applied all throughout my Gies College of Business experience and beyond.

Leah Molenda

My favorite part about Business 201 was that I could recognize that I was rapidly broadening my knowledge throughout every lecture. The hands on simulation connected many of the core pieces of a business—and the feedback it provided was a helpful way to learn the difference between a smart decision and a mistake. Despite the unique classroom environment that was offered this semester, I felt that the group-oriented culture of the class made me feel as though I made real connections that would last me a life time!


Business 201

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