Business 101

Business 101 is a course introducing Gies College of Business freshmen to professional responsibility. It begins by developing the concept of professional responsibility within a personal and interpersonal context. Students will discover the meaning of responsibility in their career and in professional relationships. The course continues by expanding the concept to an ethical balance of the profit motive and corporate responsibility within the global context. In addition to the video below, we have also developed a brochure given to all Business 101 students.

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Exciting news for the Gies College of Business, now ranked #18 among Top Business Schools. Read more about it and Business 101’s impact here.

Hear from current section leaders, Dean Emeritus Larry Debrock, and the Center’s Executive Director Gretchen Winter about the impact Business 101 has on the Gies community here.

Watch this video about the original B101 course design.


Business 302

Business 302 is a required course for upper level students selected to be Business 101 Section Leaders. This course examines attributes required to advance understanding of professional responsibility in the context of an ever-changing business environment. It builds upon the coursework done in Business 101.