Center for Professional Responsibility in Business and Society


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"Inspiring new dimensions in decision making through professional responsibility"

The Center for Professional Responsibility in Business and Society leads the discussion about society's expectations for a professional's responsibility at both the individual and organizational level. It promotes the development of responsible professional behavior in today's students, enabling them to become effective leaders in constantly changing and challenging business environments.


The Center strives to inspire new dimensions in organizational decision making through the conceptual development, research, and practical application of professional responsibility through the creation, delivery, and sharing of academic research and educational materials. Each year, the Center provides grants and funding for graduate student and faculty research projects.


Since its inception, the Center has designed, funded, and instituted multiple undergraduate academic courses including Business 101: An Introduction to Professional Responsibility, Business 302: Principles of Professional Responsibility,  and Business Administration 340: Ethical Dilemmas of Business. Over the past decade, thousands of students have benefited from these courses.

Public Engagement

In fulfilling its mission, the Center works cooperatively with multiple audiences including university faculty, students, and staff; professional and academic organizations; corporations; and governmental and non-governmental agencies. Each of these audiences utilize an extensive collection of resources offered through the Center.

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