Project Spotlights

Each semester, the Disruption Lab sponsors six projects - each creating impactful, innovative, and inclusive products.


Data Dashboard

The Undergraduate Affairs Data Dashboard project is looking for students interested in data analytics and visualizations to create a dynamic dashboard to help with freshmen advising.


Finance Chatbot

Built on AWS and Azure, the Finance department’s chatbot can serve new learners and professionals in cryptocurrency domain with an AI and Data-driven insights in a Question & Answer dialog manner.



The University of Illinois is looking to understand applications of RPA in classrooms. This may include, but not be limited to, virtual RPA days, building RPA bots for broad distribution, and student and industry connections.


Grouping Tools

The Grouping Tool project is looking for students interested in coding to create a tool to match students into project groups. This project has implications not just UIUC-wide, but nationwide as well.



The Gies College of Business is looking to build a blockchain supply chain simulator for use in Gies business courses. Significant progress was made in SP20 and a working prototype with a web interface has been built.



The College of Business is looking to  explore virtual spaces where people might hold classes, meet with groups, take virtual tours, do mock interviews, create data models, etc.