Course Approval

One of the most time-consuming aspects of preparing for a study abroad experience is selecting courses. The first step is to meet with an advisor to determine the classes that need to be taken while studying abroad. Keep as much flexibility as possible, because other universities will not have the same selection of courses and because the various majors in the Gies College of Business limit the classes that can be taken abroad.

You can get a good idea of what courses are offered at various universities by looking at the program’s information sheet. Next to the name of the course, you will see how the course is likely to transfer back to UIUC.

Course approval forms are required. These forms inform the college what you plan to take while abroad and provide you with the opportunity to learn how your abroad courses will transfer to UIUC. These forms are NOT your registration to your host university. The course approval form and the course approval form instructions are also attached to your UIUC “my study abroad” application in the documents section. Please read them thoroughly as they explain what will and will not count toward your degree requirements and how to complete the form.

Final Course Approval Form Due Dates:

Fall Participants: Spring and Summer Participants:
March 15th (following your semester abroad) October 15th (following your semester abroad)

If you do not submit a course approval form by the due dates mentioned above, all classes will default to graded and transfer the letter grade to your UIUC transcript. If a course is on the host university transcript, it will and must transfer into your academic record at UIUC.

Forms to help complete the Course Approval process: