Application Deadlines and Information

Summer: February 1
Fall: February 1
Spring: February 1 (early action deadline - recommended), May 1 (2nd round deadline), September 1 (final deadline)

On you application, you will rank up to ten choices for program and term. You are able to choose the same program for two different terms, but this will then count as two of your ten selections (for example, Program X-Fall and Program X - Spring). You do not need to choose for all ten options. Choose only those programs for which you would like to be considered. There tend to be more open spaces in the Fall than in the Spring for a majority of these programs. Programs with more applicants than spaces will be allocated on a lottery basis. Applicants must meet the minimum standards to be eligible for the lottery. If you are not chosen for your first choice program, you will be added to the lottery for your second choice program, as long as you meet the minimum requirements. If you are not selected for your second choice program, you will be moved to your third choice, and so on.

For each program that you select, you will be asked to list out the course that you hope to take based on your research of the program. To learn more about courses available at each location, explore the program guides under the semesters tab of our website. There is a great deal of information in each. You can also list programs that are offered through other colleges, but should list them within your ten choices on the Gies Global Application.