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Applications for Spring 2024 have closed. Please check back later this semester for more information pertaining to Fall 2024!


  1. covidtesting

    Developing a rapid COVID-19 test at-home device

    1. Product Development
    2. UI/UX
  2. financetool

    Empowering young investors with educational analytics tools

    1. UI/UX
  3. bionichand

    Building the world's first touch sensing bionic hand

    1. Product Development
  4. imedia

    Reimagining the media search and publishing experience

    1. UI/UX
  5. metaverse

    Engaging online learners with immersive technologies

    1. UI/UX
  6. blockchain

    Advocating for blockchain efforts across campus

    1. UI/UX
  7. shortvideos

    Understanding the creation process of short-format videos

    1. Design Evaluation
  8. experientiallearning

    Innovating the digital portal for experiential learning

    1. UI/UX
  9. cohortanalysis

    Conducting heuristic evaluations for a cohort analysis tool

    1. Design Evaluation

Using a human-centered design approach, IDC provides students with real-world project opportunities while helping clients solve design challenges and identify opportunity areas for impact. IDC conducts 20+ projects each year with companies and organizations ranging from Fortune 500 to startups and nonprofits.



Illinois Design Consulting is a professionally managed design consulting organization with 60+ student members from 15+ disciplines, including human-computer interaction, industrial design, graphic design, information science, technology management, psychology, computer science. IDC alumni are hired by top consulting firms and industry leaders including Accenture, Amazon, Deloitte, IBM, JPMorgan Chase, and Protiviti.

Cliff Shin

Creative Director

Cliff is an Associate Professor of Industrial Design at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and is an award-winning designer and educator. He has received numerous design awards, including the red dot award, Paris Design Award, and European Design award (to name just a few).

Rachel Switzky

Director of Siebel Center for Design

Rachel is the inaugural director of the SCD. She is a global design leader and has worked with many Fortune 100 companies over the past 20 years. Most recently, she served as an Executive Director at IDEO, the company who pioneered the concept of design thinking.

Jacob Kinsey

Director of Gies Consulting

Jake spent 11 years in the Media & Entertainment industry, most recently serving as Chief Development Officer for technology firm Cobalt Digital. He has an MBA from the University of Illinois. Jake is also CEO of a technology start-up and serves as a board member for the RIST Forum.

Carly O'Connor

Program Coordinator of Gies Consulting

Carly is the program coordinator for Gies Consulting. She is a two-time UIUC alum (go Illini!) and former editor (but forever fan of good grammar) with over two decades of experience in customer relations, project management, and higher education.

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