Welcome MSBA Class of 2023

We are excited that you will join the MS in Business Analytics program at Gies College of Business here at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. You are now part of the Gies family, and we want to make sure you take advantage of all the support and resources available to you and that starts today!

New Student Checklist

Please review and complete the New Graduate Student Checklist. These are essential steps to help you get started with your graduate school experience

Claim Your NetID

Your NetID will give you access to campus services, including e-mail and file storage. New students should visit the Net ID claiming website.

Career Management Foundations Course

Starting June 1, you will need to start the Career Management Foundations Course. Please follow the instructions listed in the New Student Checklist.

Graduate Student Manual

Be sure to download the Graduate Student Manual and review it prior to orientation. It is important that you are aware of this content. The manual will be available in June.


The Career Management Foundations Module: Start June 1

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MSBA Career Foundations Module Timeline


Week of August 8: One-week optional in-person orientation activities. This will be a great opportunity to get to know your cohort! We will also have a registration info session this week where you can learn all about your classes and what to register for. More information to come. Make sure to look into housing now to ensure move in before this date.

Week of August 15: One-week in-person mandatory orientation begins. It is expected that all MSBA students arrive by August 15 in order to attend.

MSBA Orientation FAQ

MS Business Analytics Bootcamp: During the two-week orientation, there will be a bootcamp to cover topics of technology for analytics and business statistics to boost expertise if needed. There will be no cost for this. More details to come.

MS Business Analytics required preparatory courses DUE AUGUST 7

Want to learn more about elective options in the MSBA program? View this google doc to learn more. Course content subject to change based on instructor availability.

MSBA Orientation Housing Options


Important Resources

Get familiar with campus!

The University of Illinois has online touring videos. Check these out so you'll know the landscape when you set foot on campus.

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Upcoming Events: Get Ready for Gies virtual event series

Tuesday, May 31 | 8 am CT

A Day in the Life of a Student

Are you wondering what life is like in Champaign? Do you want to hear what students do for fun on campus? Want to learn some great job search strategies? Answers to all of these questions and more are provided during this session. Recent alumni and program staff will share their experience in the program and answer your questions. A very special guest will also share a few words with the group, so you won’t want to miss it.

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Tuesday, June 14 | 8 am CT

Getting Hands-On Experience

There are many opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience at Gies. During this session, you’ll hear more about ways you can get involved beyond the classroom to help you enhance your knowledge and skills in areas like consulting, startups, and emerging businesses. In addition, we will share information about leadership positions for students. This is a great opportunity to learn more about how Gies can help you be more prepared for success in your career after earning your graduate degree.

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Tuesday, June 28 | 8 am CT

Get Familiar With Campus through the Discovery Game

Our campus is rich in history and impact, and it is one of the original land-grant institutions in the nation. To help you get familiar with our campus, we have a great game to offer you in this session. You’ll have fun (and some laughs) working with your classmates to find answers to all of the clues, all while learning more about the world-class university you’re joining.

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Tuesday, July 12 | 8 am CT

Get to Know Your Network

During this session, you’ll get to meet fellow graduate students from all over the globe in a fun and engaging way. We will poll the group to find common interests and work/study styles. We’ll use a “show and tell” format, with each student taking a short turn to share something meaningful about themselves using an object (flag of your home country, a picture, an award, etc) as great way for you to tell everyone something about yourself and for you to get to know your classmates on a more personal level. We will also breakout into programs so you can see who you will be working alongside in your in time at Gies. You’ll enjoy this opportunity to start developing new friendships and your support network.

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Tuesday, July 26 | 8 am CT

Experience Our High-Engagement Classroom with Professor Vishal Sachdev

Gies Business faculty – renowned around the world by the business community – guide students to challenge assumptions, to be inventive, and to develop their own path. Our faculty lead classes that are both interactive and highly engaging. To give you an idea of how classes look, feel, and work, Professor Vishal Sachdev will provide an introduction to databases. It is a window into his Enterprise Database Management course, which is available for you to take during your program. Be sure to experience this dynamic classroom session.

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