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We want to help you develop skills to become a successful investor. Come learn how to make more money with your money.

Information Night

February, 3rd     5:30pm

David Kinley Hall room 114

Business Casual

Join us and begin your life in investment management

    About Us

    IPO was founded a few short years ago with a simple concept -- to teach others and ourselves how to invest. Starting with just a handful of members and an idea, IPO has rapidly grown to include over 40 members, an interview process, and 12 core hourly seminars per semester. Our members now include students with leadership from a wide range of other prestigious organizations, including IBA, IMA, OTCR, IBC, Business Council, and every business fraternity on campus. In terms of job placement, IPO members have seen a wide range of internships, from Investment Banking jobs in New York City and Chicago to research fellowships at MIT and Stanford, exemplifying the diverse backgrounds our members come from.









    Investment Simulations

    Individual and/or team investment simulations with real-time stock trading and $100,000 in fake money

    Learn the Basics

    Learn the basics of successful investing and tips on how to get started quickly. Meant for investing beginners.

    Expand Your Portfolio

    Learn about more advanced investment strategies such as options, commodities, and FOREX

    Our Team

    Andrew Lu
    Jack Thorne
    VP of Communications
    Jacob Dykstra
    Fred Shoaff
    VP of Education
    Rishi Kothari
    VP of Marketing
    Hanna Kunin
    VP of Recruitment
    Joseph Oswald
    VP of Education


    Investment Portfolio Organization

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