New Student Registration

Welcome to Gies New Student Registration

Thanks for joining us! Make sure to review the information and watch the videos on each page before moving on to the next section. You'll be able to revisit each section later after you go through the whole training.

  • Topics Covered in your Online Orientation Experience

    1. Message from the Dean
    2. Introduction and Welcome
    3. Academics
    4. Support Services
    5. Policies and Safety
    6. Student Life
    7. Paying for College
    8. Next Steps

Registration Overview

Connect with Advisors

The morning of your new student registration date, you will meet one-on-one with an academic advisor. This is a chance to ask questions regarding your fall schedule.

Create Fall Schedule

After reviewing degree requirements and your course planning form that was emailed to you, you will follow instructions that walk you through the online registration portal.

Review Arrival Information

After you have registered for courses, it is time to start planning for your arrival. The resources on the final page will help you begin preparing for your arrival to campus!