Access and Multicultural Engagement

Who We Are

Access and Multicultural Engagement (AME) is a special office within Undergraduate Affairs that helps build a community that values engagement, promotes advocacy, and intentionally celebrates the uniqueness of each student. This office offers strategic programs, academically enriching courses, and cultural events that contribute to the enrichment of the College and the betterment of the broader campus community.

Ways To Get involved

AME offers students a range of programs, discussions, social events, resources, guest lectures, and events designed to celebrate difference, explore multicultural education, and supports the needs of our diverse student body. We aim to broaden cultural perspectives, enhance leadership skills, and inspire lifelong friendships.

Below is a selection of new and ongoing activities offered by AME. Whenever possible, links are provided for more information.

Gies Community Program

Students who join the Gies Community Program will experience meaningful and substantive interaction across differences and gain the opportunity to increase awareness and understanding of societal inequities and their structural causes while nurturing an ethos of social responsibility. Gies Community Groups are designed to prepare Gies Business students to live, work, and lead in a complex, diverse, and stratified society.

Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups bring together Gies Business Students with common identities and interests to share experiences and resources and strategize solutions to common problems. Affinity Groups facilitate a transfer of knowledge between students with a wide range of experiences, talents, interests, and knowledge levels. AME currently hosts the following peer-led identity-based groups:

Students of Color This group allows students of color to gather with the intention of finding connection, support, and inspiration.

Transfer Students This group is a way for transfer students to build a community of support, discuss issues of college-going experiences, find support at Gies, and to promote more receptive transfer culture and equitable student outcomes.

AME Student Leadership Program

Students who join the AME Student Leadership Program will gain valuable work experience by improving leadership and communication skills and gain experience in working with people from diverse backgrounds. The AME Student Leadership Program offers students a platform for fostering an inclusive community and prepares them to enter the workforce with knowledge and confidence in diversity, equity, and inclusion, and influence towards an inclusive workplace. Thus, making Gies Business students more valuable to today's employers.

Access & Multicultural Engagement

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Program Benefits

As a college student you may find yourself in diverse classroom settings, organizations, and - eventually - workplaces. It is important to prepare yourself to be able to adapt to diverse environments. For college students to be successful in their future careers, it is necessary that they develop a global mindset and worldview to be aware and understand that cultural diversity is a strength and a catalyst for connecting people, working together, and succeeding together. AME Programs support Gies Business students' understanding of the advantages of cultural diversity and the contributions diverse groups offer and encourages positive interactions and communication. Participation in AME Programs offers numerous personal and professional benefits. Sign up today!

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