The charge of Access and Multicultural Engagement (AME) is to create a community that fosters engagement, advocacy, and appreciation for differences that influence the success of all students. AME seeks to promote strategic programs, academically enriching courses, and culturally nurturing events that contribute to the enrichment of the College and the betterment of the broader campus community.

AME Academy

The AME Academy focuses on student access, success, and retention. The Academy provides programming for all undergraduate populations that would benefit from additional academic support. Special attention given to students from traditionally disadvantaged backgrounds. Programs in this space can include:

Early Intervention (identification, advising, coaching)
Academic Success Course

AME Communities

AME builds a multicultural community among Gies undergraduate students. It is highlighted by three programs: The Early Arrival program, the Affinity Group program and the Community Group program.

Gies Affinity Groups: Designed to give students a safe place to meet and interact with fellow students who share backgrounds or experiences. Affinity groups will provide students a place for support and refuge throughout their undergraduate career.

Gies Community Groups: These groups bring together Gies undergraduates from different backgrounds and cultures to foster authentic multicultural relationships.

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