Gies College of Business | Groups

Past Projects

Business LLC

Fall 2017
Stakeholder(s): Dean Dahl, Professor Otnes
Provided student perspectives on the Living Learning Community (LLC) experience to build a strong foundation in the upcoming establishment of the Business LLC through designing questionnaires and running focus groups with students that had lived in LLCs in the past, and presenting our findings to the stakeholders involved.

BADM Curriculum

Fall 2017
Stakeholder(s): Professor Fricke
The Business Adminstration (BADM) department requested for student feedback as it is going through a revision of the BADM curriculum. Our team hosted 3 focus groups of upperclassmen and compiled a report with findings and suggestions to Dean Brown and the stakeholders involved.

BCS Programming and Communication

Fall 2017 - Spring 2018
Stakeholder(s): Tracy Parish
Wanting to create programming and communication strategies that would more effectively and efficiently reach the untouched student populations, our team brainstormed ideas to combat past challenges and provide recommendations on programming. Some of these events were implemented almost immediately.

Gies Groups

Spring 2018
Stakeholder(s): Tracy Parish, Emma Weber
Sat in pre-launch meetings with Tracy and other RSO leaders to bring up potential questions and concerns during implementation, to ensure a smoother transition into the new college-wide communication platform.

Gies CoB Student Programming Feedback

Spring 2018
Stakeholder(s): Alex See, Michel Watkins
Our team provided feedback on the student programming and events that the Office of Undergraduate Affairs had planned to increase value and enhance student engagement. We did this by discussing personal experiences, based off of our team's diverse set of experiences, and also by volunteering our time attending staple events to provide more holistic insights and perspectives.

High School Outreach

Fall 2017
Stakeholder(s): Dean White
Helped Admissions team recruit students to talk about college experiences in their respective high schools during Thanksgiving break.

Peer Advising and Peer Tutoring

Fall 2017 - Spring 2018
Stakeholder(s): Nicole Turner
Our team worked together to address the supply and demand issue with regards to Peer Advising and Peer Tutoring, and offered some suggestions on how to increase value, utilization, and satisfaction to being in either groups.