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Consultants have the opportunity to explore various areas of business development and digital design. Our teams work closely with clientele to understand problems and formulate solutions that will best fit the business needs. EntreCORPS students are quick learners who yearn to make a positive impact and gain insight on the inner workings of an entrepreneurial venture.


We have had continued success with our clientele. EntreCORPS is dedicated to developing and offering the best solutions to your business needs. Many of our clients are young ventures and growing startups, as EntreCORPS is built on the core principles of design thinking and the lean startup methodology. We are not just passionate students, but creative individuals, who want to see your venture succeed.


To consult new ventures, an organization must understand today’s principles of startup development and the life cycle of a modern startup. Well established or new to the game, EntreCORPS approaches each client with a fresh, innovative mindset. We are creatives and business specialists alike.


Financial Analysis

Our financial analysts can assess the viability, stability, and profitability of a business, sub-business, or project.

Marketing Development

Consultants can identify market-related information, build brand strategies, and establish a plan to access a market.

Digital Design

EntreCORPS’ design team can develop digital strategy solutions, establish best social media practices, and create robust web/mobile application designs.

Operational Strategy

Consultants can develop a plan of action that describes how a company should best employ resources in the production of a product or service.


We had an outstanding experience working with student consultants from EntreCORPS. As a fast growing startup, we frequently have to make tough decisions about which projects to tackle now, and which ones we’ll get to later. We have been considering adding a new feature to our end-to-end rental platform for a while, but we haven’t had time to thoroughly research the functionality and develop a strategy for integration.

The team from EntreCORPS helped us by evaluating customer needs, researching competitor offerings, and explaining legal and regulatory implications. They went above and beyond by exploring the technical feasibility of the new feature too. We met with our consultants every week, and the team consistently impressed us by coming prepared to the meetings with new information and insights.

The outcome is that we now have a clear strategy for integrating this new feature into the Rentalutions platform.
Ryan Coon , Rentalutions