Gies Business Research Lab

Earning Extra Credit for Research Participation

Learn more about participating in a research study and earning extra credit

Students enrolled in participating Gies courses will have the opportunity to earn extra credit by engaging in active research studies. Participation is meant to be an educational experience during which students will learn and experience how business-related research is conducted. All studies are in accordance with the ethical procedures established by the University Institutional Review Board (IRB).

To learn more about how to login, sign up and earn credit, watch the introduction and demo videos below. Then, click on the appropriate student sign up link below to participate in a research study. Note: Studies are available only to students enrolled in participating courses.


A guide to receive extra credit for your participation and enhance your research experience.


Details and important reminders about your participation.

Research Alternative

Details credit option for EEA/UK students, students with eligibility restrictions.

Extra credit guidelines and expectations.