Business Minor – Major Impact!

Are you interested in applying your chosen major to the business world? Welcome to the Business Minor Program!

The Business Minor will give your career preparations a professional boost.

Important Things to Know

Become knowledgeable about the Minor’s course requirements to ensure full completion by graduation.

The four Prerequisite courses can be either U. of Illinois (on campus or online) courses or transfer courses. If taken from the U. of Illinois, you will be permitted to enroll in the Prerequisite courses without special permission, but you will only be permitted to enroll into the Business Minor Core and Elective courses once you have been admitted into the Business Minor Program.

Prospective Business Minor students may enroll without special permission into the Winter Term and the Summer Session Business Administration (BADM) Business Minor courses.

Most Business Minor Core and Elective courses are offered as online courses.

You must complete all of the Minor’s Core and Elective courses from the Urbana-Champaign campus. There are no exceptions allowed for Off-Campus transfer and Study Abroad courses to fulfill the course requirements of the Business Minor.

Credit/No Credit courses will not fulfill the Minor’s Core and Elective Course requirements.

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Getting Started

Submit your Business Minor Admission Application from January 1st to January 31st. You will be notified of your admission status at the end of February.

Earn at least 36 credits/hours and complete the four Prerequisite Courses prior to the January Application Period to be eligible for Admission Review.

Prerequisite courses (or substitutes) must be completed with a Letter Grade; however, exceptions will be permitted for earned AP, IB, and Advanced Level credits.

Earn a Cumulative G.P.A. of 2.50 or higher for the four Prerequisite courses to qualify for Admission Review. You must also be in Academic Good Standing (2.00 or higher Cumulative/Overall G.P.A.).

All newly admitted students may enroll in the Summer Sessions’ Minor courses and will enroll into the Fall semester’s Minor courses during the April Registration Period. Newly admitted students are strongly advised to begin the Minor’s course requirements with enrollment into the Summer Sessions’ Minor courses.

Apply Here

This is the official Business Minor Program’s Admissions Application: Complete Step 1 of the University’s Statement of Intent to Pursue a Campus-Approved Minor

Your Admission Application must be submitted to 330 Wohlers Hall. You’ll be notified of your admission status at the end of February. If you’re admitted into the Business Minor Program, you’ll be given enrollment instructions before April.

Admission into the Program is very competitive and is based solely upon your Prerequisite courses’s G.P.A. and your Cumulative/Overall G.P.A..

Please note– applicants who have fulfilled all of the Minor’s pre-admission requirements are eligible for Admission Review, but they are not guaranteed admission into the Business Minor Program.

You must be admitted into the Business Minor Program to earn the Business Minor.