Information Systems

The STEM-designated information systems major at Gies Business will allow you to learn about cutting-edge technologies and develop skills to transform data into insights that guide managerial decisions.

The Information Systems (IS) major is concerned with the design, implementation, and protection of systems and technology to address the information processing needs of an organization, and provide data and information for managerial decision-making.

IS majors take both, technology and business courses which equip them with the required skill-set to be able to design, develop and deploy computer and software-based solutions in order to help businesses attain their tactical and strategic objectives. Some of the key courses taken by IS majors include information technology for networked organizations, systems analysis and design, and database management. Because computers and software are used in all functional areas of business today, IS majors may choose to take additional courses in data analytics, information security/cyber-security, project management, human-computer interaction, programming, and social media applications to strengthen their resume, gain a wider exposure to domains supported by IS specialists, and prepare themselves to face the challenges in the technology-driven business world of today.

IS majors will have the required knowledge and skill-set to make decisions about the selection and implementation of information systems/information technology, be a liaison between non-technical managers, computer programmers, and technical managers, assume a wide variety of roles requiring computer-based solutions, and generally be business leaders of the digital era.

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