Information Systems

Information Systems (IS) professionals are interested in the application of information technology to business activities. They are concerned with the design and implementation of information systems to support the information processing needs of an organization. Are you fascinated by how modern companies manage their data? Are you interested in both technologies and their applications in business? Companies are in dire need of IS majors, who know both IT and business issues.

What kind of job will I get when I graduate?

Your unique ability to understand both technical and business concepts will make you an ideal project manager, consultant, or systems analyst. Types of businesses hiring IS professionals include: Hewitt Associates, State Farm, KPMG, Caterpillar, GE, JP Morgan Chase, Nike.

New- IS/OM Practicum

Work on client projects , get real world experience, while getting class credit.  What could be better!

New-Information Security

New elective on information security management for spring 2020

Strengthen Community

Connect with other tech-minded students. Join the RSO- Association for Information Systems Student Chapter