As a leader in data analytics education, Gies College of Business is committed to preparing students to be data-driven problem solvers.

Apply today

All University of Illinois students are encouraged to apply. 

Applications are run through the Disruption Lab and are accepted at the beginning of each semester. 
Do you have questions? Reach out to iData Director Sam Chen at

Data Scientist

Apply data mining techniques, conduct statistical analysis, and build high quality prediction systems.

Students must be  familiar with cloud technology stack, and machine learning and deep learning algorithms.

Data Engineer and Architect

Help build the enterprise data management framework.

Students should have a solid understanding of the cloud, databases, and the applications used by those databases.

Student Machine Learning Engineer

The student machine learning engineer will help optimize iData’s machine learning systems.

They will evaluate  existing machine learning (ML) processes, perform statistical analysis to resolve data set problems, and enhance the accuracy of AI software's predictive automation capabilities.