Want to gain real-world experience?

Gies College of Business offers several consulting organizations that help you build valuable analytical and problem-solving skills.

Through Gies, students from across campus can engage in a variety of innovative, real-world consulting experiences working with companies ranging from the University of Illinois to startups to nonprofits to Fortune 100 companies.

Participating in consulting organizations helps expand your on-campus student network, connecting you with peers from agriculture, business, engineering, fine and applied arts, life sciences, and more. Our global alumni network helps student consultants obtain an advantage when seeking internship and employment opportunities.

Virtual Consulting Opportunity Fair

Learn how you can apply your skillset to a variety of industries through real-world projects. View a video of the Spring '22 Information Session for rapid-fire presentations from our organizations.

Data Science Research Service

We drive research within the Gies College of Business by assisting students, faculty, and staff with their data science, machine learning, computational infrastructure, and data acquisition needs.

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Disruption Lab

Students collaborate with clients to identify how their business challenges might benefit from breakthrough technologies, such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, blockchain, and more.

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EntreCORPS is a pro-bono, student-based consulting firm where student consultants create high-impact, entrepreneurial solutions for startups ranging from early-stage ventures to innovation-driving groups within companies

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iData uses Data Science to solve clients' problem by integrating data silos, producing functional data science solutions, and improving knowledge management.

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Illinois Business Consulting

IBC teams analyze markets, identify opportunities for optimization, investigate improvements to organizational structures, determine new venture feasibility, and more.

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Illinois Design Consulting

IDC uses a human-centered and design thinking approach to solve clients' challenges and identify design improvement opportunities.

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"The Disruption Lab has definitely improved my abilities to think outside of the box. Since we are developing solutions for clients from scratch, we have full freedom to use any tech stack and this has helped me not only get creative but also learn about different technology out there!"


Computer Science

"IBC was the most impactful experience of my time at the University of Illinois. I had the chance to work with and learn from brilliant, hard-working people, work on fascinating client problems, and 'grow up' as a professional. IBC changed the path I was on and gave me the tools I needed to succeed."



"EntreCORPS enables an entrepreneurial mindset for its members by engaging with exciting new ventures. Students get the opportunity to grow their technical toolbox, learn new soft skills, and create meaningful impact for clients around the country."Best. customer. service. Seriously, I opened a ticket and they were so helpful and really seemed to care about my experience.



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