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Beyond the textbook.
Beyond compare.

IBC impacts students in big ways.

Illinois Business Consulting, housed in Gies Business at Illinois, provides students with real-world project opportunities while helping clients solve challenges and identify opportunities. 260 students conduct more than 60 projects every year with companies ranging from Fortune 100 to startup and nonprofit.

IBC consultants gain unparalleled professional development.

Development is at the core of everything we do. No matter what your background is, you will come out of IBC with new or improved skills.

feel better prepared to enter the working world

job placement rate; our alumni work at companies like Apple, Deloitte, Bain, BCG, and Tesla

say IBC helped improve their research, teamwork, client interaction, and critical thinking skills

IBC has helped me become a team player and develop the business acumen to prepare me for my future career.
In every interview I've had, I brought up at least one scenario from IBC. I truly feel that it is helping shape the beginning of my career.
IBC provided me with the opportunity to build relationships within my team and with a client while developing real-world skills and experience.
IBC has provided me with a meaningful platform to develop myself as a consultant and has been one of the most fun and fast-paced experiences I have had alongside my MBA education.
IBC has given me the knowledge, skills, leadership, and most importantly confidence to take on a career in consulting.

Interdisciplinary teams make innovation possible.

IBC represents graduate and undergraduate talent from across the University of Illinois. Through IBC, 250 students from business, engineering, agriculture, life sciences, and a variety of other programs get an unparalleled professional development experience.

The world’s leaders in industry are our clients.

As a consultant, you will work with Fortune 50 companies that shape our world as well as non-profits that make an impact on our community.