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Project types

Market Entry & Growth

As a market entry & growth consultant, you will be focusing on your client’s ideal consumer and how their products meet the consumer’s needs. Market entry & growth consultants analyze markets to identify trends in growth, consumer preference, and pricing. These students collaborate with our clients to identify positions for success, what kinds of channels are most effective in reaching our client’s demographic, what product packaging is most appealing to consumers, and product placement.


Consultants involved in operations projects focus on optimization in terms of profit, convenience, safety, logistics, and more. These consultants will perform research within a wide variety of topics related to the client.

Human Capital

Human capital consultants are responsible for drafting and presenting change strategies, meeting corporate requirements, and ensuring successful client adaptation in human capital. These consultants focus on the “people” side of change in terms of business processes, systems & technology, job roles, and organization structure.

Feasibility Study

IBC’s Feasibility Study consultants conduct a variety of primary research to determine the success or failure for a firm’s new venture. Deliverables will often include

Analytics & Modeling

IBC’s analytics & modeling consultants conduct statistically heavy research by analyzing data to produce insights. These consultants learn to integrate the outcomes from various analytics techniques in order to produce results beneath the surface-level.

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing consultants work together to source sales and marketing opportunities by analyzing markets, target demographics, and trends within an industry. Sales & marketing teams utilize their marketing efforts to drive sales and increase repeated use among customers for our clients.