Academic Director Profiles

Each undergraduate major has a dedicated faculty academic director who builds the major's culture and serves as the primary point of contact for students in the major, ensuring they feel connected to the Department, the faculty and the major.

Information Systems Major

Academic Director: Ray Parthasarathy

Ray Parthasarathy is a clinical assistant professor in the information systems area. He began his professional career in engineering and management, earning more than 15 years of industry experience in positions of increasing responsibility before entering academia. He has a B.S. in mechanical engineering, M.S. in engineering management, M.S. in industrial engineering, M.B.A. with concentrations in information technology and general management, and a Ph.D. in computer and information sciences. He has a passion for teaching and interacting with students, which he has developed over the past several years teaching in a variety of formats and across all levels of higher education. Having interviewed and hired many candidates during his tenure in industry, he has the necessary background and experience in helping students to attain the skill set that hiring managers in industry are looking for, and in guiding them to position themselves for a successful career in industry. His primary research and teaching interests are in information systems and information technology with a focus on healthcare information systems, health information management, and healthcare information technology. His secondary research and teaching interests are in operations management with a focus on data analytics/statistics, quality/process improvement, innovation, and supply chain management.

Management Major

Academic Director: Geoff Love

Geoff Love is an associate professor in organizational behavior. He holds a B.A. in applied mathematics and a Ph.D. in organizational behavior from Harvard. He first joined the Department of Business Administration in 2002, coming from the Rice University. He teaches courses on organizational behavior, strategic innovation and management of innovation, organizational change, leadership, and entrepreneurial management. His research interests are in social evaluations such as reputation and status, innovation, organizational and institutional change, and downsizing.

Marketing Major

Academic Director: Mark Wolters

Mark Wolters is a teaching associate professor in the marketing area. He earned his B.S. in marketing right here at the University of Illinois. Additionally, he holds an M.S. in economics and management sciences from Humboldt University, and a Ph.D. in management from the Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa. He has taught courses in marketing, business strategy, professional development, entrepreneurship, and consumer behavior. He has won several awards for his teaching, including the Illinois Student Senate Teaching Excellence Award and the College of Business Alumni Association Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Education. His research interests are in social media, entrepreneurship, cross-cultural marketing and management, efficiency measures, and competition measures. In addition to teaching and writing about marketing and entrepreneurship, Dr. Wolters demonstrates it in running his own, highly successful travel site, Wolters’ World.

Operations Management Major

Academic Director: Gopesh Anand

Gopesh Anand is an associate professor in the operations management area. He received his MBA and Ph.D. from The Ohio State University. Prior to his doctoral studies, he worked as managing partner of a manufacturing and marketing firm in Mumbai, India. He teaches courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels and has been honored for creativity and excellence in instruction. His research focuses on the strategic role of continuous improvement initiatives.

Supply Chain Management Major

Academic Director: Nehemiah Scott

Nehemiah Scott is currently a teaching assistant professor in the operations management area. He holds a B.S. in computer science and engineering technology, an MBA specializing in information systems and a Ph.D. in manufacturing and technology management, all from The University of Toledo. As a professional, he has past real-world experience in the areas of one-piece flow manufacturing, database programming and report design, social entrepreneurship, and operations research and consulting. As a scholar, his research interests lie at the interface of operations and supply chain management. His primary research stream explores the impact that strategic, tactical and operational-level supply chain ambidexterity has on company performance. As an educator, he teaches operations management, supply chain management, logistics management, and operations analysis courses.