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OTCR recruits high-potential students and provides an incredible amount of industry-sponsored, on-the-job training. In addition to challenging work experience, OTCR alumni provide unparalleled student mentorship both in and out of projects. We welcome all interested students to apply.

Information Sessions

Date: TBD

There will be two information sessions at the beginning of the semester covering the types of projects, clients, and events with which OTCR is involved. After the presentation, interested students will have a chance to meet and talk with current OTCR members.

Case Training

The case training session will feature a senior OTCR member working through a case section-by-section. This event is open to the public -- and attending does not obligate you to apply. However, for those applying to OTCR, this is a great way to master your case training skills before the application deadline.

Online Application

The application consists of pertinent contact and education information including major and graduation date, as well as a challenge question that is designed to test your ability to develop a framework to tackle typical business problems.

First Round Interview

OTCR Consulting's first round interviews consists of two portions: 1) a behavioral portion and 2) an analytical portion. Within the behavioral portion, OTCR Consulting is looking to identify individuals with high internal motivation, strong leadership skills, and diverse personalities. During the analytical portion, OTCR Consulting is looking for an ability to break down a problem and work through it in a logical and concise fashion. This is done through a short McKinsey-style case.

Second Round Interview

OTCR Consulting's second round interviews are more heavily focused on the traditional case interview. The case will be interviewee led. The skillset needed to succeed is similar to that of the first round case: an ability to break down a problem into manageable and understandable pieces, analysis of data and graphs, the ability to draw concise conclusions from available data, and an ability to engage in a focused conversation with the interviewer.

Third Round Interview

OTCR Consulting's third round interview is a group interview. Within the field of consulting, you will be put into situations with plenty of unknowns and unique challenges. This group interview is a way to test your communication and team-work skills in response to these problems.


Case interviews can be new and difficult for candidates. OTCR Consulting has provided a number of resources to help candidates prepare for a case interviews at OTCR or a professional consulting firm. Below, there are two practice cases available for download that have been used during past semesters in our interview process. Additionally, there are a number of resources and books that are aimed at preparing candidates for case interviews that can be found online.