A reputation for success

The rigorous curriculum and practical experience ensure that Gies graduates are highly recruited and compensated by corporations, consultancies, and government agencies across the country and the world.

Your academic journey

The typical plan of study includes business core courses, major core courses, and the required number of major electives. The major electives sample is not a comprehensive list. Students work directly with a Gies academic advisor to determine appropriate coursework, scheduling, and number of credit hours needed to fulfill degree requirements.

  • Business core courses

    Course Title Notes
    ACCY 201 Accounting and Accountancy I
    ACCY 202 Accounting and Accountancy II
    BADM 210 Business Analytics I
    BADM 211 Business Analytics II
    BADM 275 Fundamentals of Operations Management
    BADM 300 The Legal Environment of Business
    BADM 310 Management and Organizational Behavior
    BADM 320 Principles of Marketing
    BADM 449 Business Policy and Strategy
    BUS 101 Professional Responsibility and Business
    BUS 201 Business Dynamics
    BUS 301 Business in Action
    BUS 401 Business in a Global Perspective
    FIN 221 Corporate Finance
  • Sample Supply Chain Management major courses

    Course Title Notes
    BADM 324 Purchasing and Supply Management
    BADM 327 Marketing to Business and Government
    BADM 335 Supply Chain Management Basics
    BADM 336 Modeling the Supply Chain
    BADM 337 Practicum in Supply Chain Management
    BADM 350 IT for Networked Organizations
    BADM 375 Operations Management
    BADM 378 Logistics Management
  • Sample major and general electives

    Course Title Notes
    BADM 311 Leading Individuals and Teams
    BADM 312 Designing and Managing Organizations
    BADM 322 Marketing Research
    BADM 352 Database Design and Management
    BADM 356 Data Science & Analytics
    BADM 374 Management Decision Models
    BADM 377 Project Management
    BADM 379 Business Process Management
    BADM 380 International Business
    BADM 403 Corporate & Commercial Law

Hands-on learning

  • A practicum project where teams of seniors work to solve a real supply chain problem proposed by a real company
  • A 10- to 12-week summer internship in supply chain management
  • Participation in case competitions, which offer juniors and seniors opportunities to solve real-world problems in the field and get feedback from industry professionals
  • Participation in program-sponsored workshops, seminars, and plant visits that expand students’ understanding of supply chain management

Nehemiah Scott
Academic Director, Supply Chain Management

Nehemiah teaches operations management, supply chain management, logistics management, and operations analysis courses. As a scholar, his research interests lie at the interface of operations and supply chain management and his primary research efforts explore the impact that strategic, tactical and operational-level supply chain ambidexterity has on company performance.  He holds a B.S. in computer science and engineering technology, an MBA specializing in information systems and a Ph.D. in manufacturing and technology management, all from The University of Toledo.