Supply chain careers

Supply chain professionals manage the movement of material, information, and finances between supply chain partners, which include suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and consumers.

With a degree in supply chain management you will be prepared to manage important processes for both manufacturing and non-manufacturing enterprises, processes that include sourcing and procurement, transportation and logistics, order fulfillment, production and business process management, inventory management, marketing, and more. Whether you begin your career as an analyst, manager, or consultant, you will be equipped with the skills that enable you to be a leader capable of handling the complexities and challenges of managing large-scale supply chains and distribution networks in an industrial/business environment.

Job categories


The contracting of goods and services with an emphasis on supply source development/analysis, goal-setting, bidding, negotiations, and ethical considerations.


Responsible for performing market analysis of vendor competitiveness, support analysis for contract negotiation and review, tracking vendor performance, executing modal analysis, analyzing cost, risk, and service, analyzing transportation asset utilization and optimizing distribution networks.

Supply Chain Analyst

Work with third-party suppliers and contractors with emphasis on supply/demand market analysis, supply source strategy development, management information systems, financial analysis, bidding and negotiating, contracting, supplier relationship management, and performance management.

Inventory Specialist

Works at different levels within a supply chain to manage inventory levels, analyze historical sales data and seasonal demand, and analyze processes that determine replenishment cycles.


Supply Chain Consultants develop integrated solutions that transform businesses. Work on projects that require complex systems and application integration. Provide program management services and support strategic business imperatives while enhancing operational performance and increasing a client’s competitiveness.

Product Manager

Suggests product enhancements to improve user experience, performs quality assurance controls on products

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Supply Chain Management Corporate Affiliates Program

The Supply Chain Management Corporate Affiliates Program (CAP) is a consortium of major corporations who serve as an external advisory panel, provide strategic advice and guidance regarding relevance of the curriculum, participate in extracurricular activities, and sponsor capstone projects.

CAP is a unique platform for corporations to actively engage with students and faculty of the supply chain management program and participate in its development and strategic planning.