The typical plan of study includes business core courses, major core courses, and the required number of major electives. The major electives sample is not a comprehensive list. Students work directly with a Gies academic advisor to determine appropriate coursework, scheduling, and number of credit hours needed to fulfill degree requirements.



Notes Faculty

BADM 311

Leading Individuals and Teams

BADM 312

Organizational Design and Environment

BADM 320

Principles of Marketing


Gill, Wolters

BADM 321

Principles of Retailing


BADM 322

Marketing Research

Required for major


BADM 323

Marketing Communication



BADM 324

Purchasing & Supply Chain Management

BADM 325

Consumer Behavior

Required for major

Noel, Rindfleisch
BADM 326 Pricing Strategies Liu
BADM 327 Marketing to Business & Government Noel
BADM 328 Advanced Sales Strategies Video Raquel
BADM 329 Product Development Mehta, Sethi
BADM 330 Brand Management
BADM 331 Making Things Rindfleisch
BADM 351 Social Media Strategy
BADM 360 Digital Marketing
BADM 361 Marketing Analytics Video
BADM 374 Management Decision Models
BADM 378 Logistics Management
BADM 382 International Marketing
BADM 395 Social Media Marketing Narang, Raquel, Wolters
BADM 420 Advancement Marketing Management Required for major Rindfleisch, Wolters
GEOG 440 Business Application of GIS