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The Margolis Market Information Lab is an advanced learning and teaching lab. Its objective is to increase the quality of the academic experience for students through access to state of the art financial and investment software. The lab suite consists of three separate spaces: A 48-seat primary instruction room equipped with 24 high-end networked workstations with dual screens, a secondary lab, equipped with 20 networked workstations and 20 seats, and a walk-up area with 8 networked computer stations monitored and assisted by instructional aides.


Launched in 2009 by a landmark gift from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Trust, the Margolis Market Information Lab has become one of the most highly utilized university finance labs in the United States. It is equipped with state-of-the-art electronic sources of financial and business tools used by global firms.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a leader in educating the next generation of managers in better understanding financial research and risk management, and to provide a cutting-edge learning environment where students from the University of Illinois will be known for being best equipped to enter the vast world of finance. The Market Information Lab aim to advance financial research and curriculum to educate the next generation of managers. 

Firms increasingly rely on sophisticated software tools and information services to both value and manage a wide variety of risks in their enterprise. We want our students to be the best prepared to meet this challenge.