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Remote Workshops, Bootcamps and Research Resources

Lab fellows, many of whom are graduating this May, have been working tirelessly to record a semester’s worth of workshops and bootcamps to ensure that the next generation of Illini is as well prepared as they are. We are hoping to have the content ready to begin offering our workshops and bootcamps online this fall.

In addition, we have been working with lab vendors to offer remote access to our software. Below are a number of licenses that faculty, students and researchers can now access remotely:

With the support and leadership of IT Partners, the lab workstations are now available for students and faculty to access remotely

Remote Access - Step-by-Step Guide

Intrinio an initiative of the Dean for Innovation - this financial data resource gives access to terabytes of financial data from the industry’s most reliable and trusted data partners.

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Access the Bloomberg Terminal wherever you are.Financial professionals need constant access to high-quality news, data and analytics. Faculty Only

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Morningstar Direct is an investment analysis platform built for asset management and financial services professionals. Faculty Only

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Becky Smith

Associate Professor, BIS Librarian

Accountancy, tax, management, information systems, international business, finance, business history, and academic business education. Business collections strategist, GA and staff supervisor/mentor, SDC Platinum research and business time-series dataset discovery expert. Email:

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Carissa Philips

Associate Professor, Business & Finance Librarian

Areas of expertise: data sources for business research (companies, industries, economies, markets) and social science research such as business databases, government information, ICPSR, and Hathi Trust Digital Library holdings; student consulting groups; data purchase; data discovery and access

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Learn industry-leading finance and business tools

The Market Lab teaches more than 200 instructional workshops each year to University of Illinois students. Become a future finance leader with workshops designed to give you hands-on exposure to industry-leading tools like Bloomberg, Capital IQ, Tableau, and more.

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Get certified to gain a competitive edge

Exposure to and competency with business and finance tools will provide you with unique skill sets to differentiate yourself in the workplace and become a business leader.

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We are seeking self-motivated incoming sophomores with a passion for financial markets and a desire to learn. The knowledge and skills you gain will help you stand out when recruiting and working.

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