Course Requirements and Limitations for Business Students by Major

Number of Hours Required

Students must take the equivalent of 12 UIUC credit hours at the host institution. Students may also take 1 or 2 online UIUC courses in addition to the full-time courses at the host institution.

2-hour courses – Some programs offer courses you may need but they may only transfer as two credit hours. Taking these courses is allowed; however, be aware it can leave you short of the required hours to complete the major requirements. When you return, you may need to take an extra class to make up the hours not received. See your academic advisor.

Gen Ed Courses

Gen Ed courses can be taken abroad for a grade or CR/NC.

Core Courses

Students from all majors can take most core courses abroad, except ACCY 201 and 202, BADM 449 and BADM majors may only take one BADM core course. There is currently no limit to the number of core courses for FIN, Gen Ed courses or elective courses (NOT including major elective courses) taken abroad.

Courses that cannot be transferred from abroad: Advanced Composition, FIN 300, BADM 449, ACCY major courses, which do not apply to major or Business Core requirements.

Accountancy Majors

Accountancy students cannot take any accountancy classes for their major abroad. Accountancy electives are offered at Nanyang University, but do not count toward the ACCY major requirements

Finance Majors

Finance students can take two major courses abroad including major elective courses. FIN 300 (Financial Markets) cannot be taken abroad.

Business Administration (NOT including International Business)

Most BADM majors can take four BADM courses abroad (including one of the following: BADM 300, 310 or 320.) This means you can take two courses for your major and one major elective plus one BADM core business course, not four major/major elective courses. See your specific major for other restrictions.

International Business

International Business students can take a maximum of four BADM courses abroad from the following list: two major courses, two major electives and one BADM core course.

Supply Chain Management

BADM 335 (Supply Chain Management Basics) cannot be taken abroad.

Dual Degrees

Students who are pursuing a dual degree can transfer back to the Gies College of Business courses towards each major. The course limitations for each degree will apply.

Students Studying Abroad for Multiple Semesters

For students studying abroad for multiple semesters, Business Study Abroad will work with your department on how many classes you can take toward your major during study abroad. You can only study abroad for one semester through the Business Study Abroad sponsored programs. If you want to study abroad longer, you will need to participate in a program from another office.

Business Minor

Students are not able to take classes abroad towards a Business Minor at their host institution. Students may take BADM 310 and/or BADM 320 online while abroad.

Repeating a Course During Study Abroad

If you take a course abroad for a grade that you have already taken at UIUC, you will not receive hours towards graduation for the course, but your grade will be the average of the two grades. Make sure that without those hours, you still have enough hours to meet the minimum required for full-time status at the foreign institution.

If you take a course abroad for CR/NC that you’ve already taken of UIUC, you will not receive hours towards graduation for the course. Make sure that you still have enough hours to meet the minimum required for full-time status at the foreign institution.

Sample Schedules

See sample schedules by major to see when it is recommended to study abroad.