Faculty & Staff

As international mobility begins to resume, we invite anyone interested in developing or assisting in a Gies Global Program to let us know. Ways to engage in this process include (in conversation with your home unit):

  • incorporate an abroad component into a current course that you are already teaching (Proposals for May 2023 due by September 1st, 2022),
  • develop a new course with an abroad component (Proposals for May 2023 due by September 1st, 2022),
  • participate as a program assistant for a course that has been developed by someone else
  • develop a virtual global project within your current or future courses.

Please see below for the categories of potential participation, and complete the webtools form to let us know of your interest as soon as possible, so that we can plan our upcoming cycles.

Content Course Abroad

This would involve a faculty member teaching all or some of a regular course abroad. The goal is to use the local context as a living classroom to illustrate the concepts of the course. This requires coordination and approval from the home department. The following options are available:

  • Fall with Early January Component Abroad
  • Spring with Spring Break Component Abroad
  • Spring with Second Half of May Component Abroad
  • Summer Course Taught Fully Abroad

“Doing Business in X” Program Leader

These 10-15 day programs allow students to explore the way business is done in another country through a combination of site visits, company visits, potential case competitions with local students and guided discovery. They are generally recorded as BUS 199 for one credit hour and require minimal pre-departure components. These take place in:

  • Winter break - early January (BUS 199 or equivalent is in Fall term)
  • Spring break (BUS 199 or equivalent is in Spring term)
  • Spring - late May, right after graduation (BUS 199 or equivalent is in Spring term)

What We Are Looking For…

The Gies Global Office at the Gies College of Business strives to develop high-quality, short-term, study abroad programs that provide our undergraduate students with a good balance of, 1) educational business content, 2) cultural immersion experiences, and 3) recreation activities. We are looking for programs with clear learning objectives developed around an interesting or pertinent business topic, issue or location. As lead faculty you will be responsible for developing the educational content of the program. Our office can help with every other aspect, but you will need be prepared to take responsibility for delivering the educational business content. Therefore, Gies faculty applying to lead a short-term study abroad program, should have some familiarity with the country(ies) being proposed as a destination. Faculty should also have good, strong connections with institutions, companies and individuals at the proposed destination(s).


Please click on the role for which you are most interested in applying, we will follow up to discuss.

Content Course Program Instructor - The person who will develop/adapt the course to include the component abroad. Primary responsibility for course content and will develop the program in concert with the Global Programs staff. Will participate in pre-planning of the program and will assist with marketing, as well as to guide the program abroad in partnership with at least one program assistant.  Compensation will be dependent on if the course is onload or offload, and will be decided in conversation with your home unit.

Doing Business in X Program Lead - The person with primary responsibility for the program - oversees all program assistants, ensures student safety and wellness and participates in the pre-planning of the program along with Gies Global Programs staff. Successful program leaders market their program effectively, develop strong, interesting programs, and start their planning with Gies Global early. Compensation for this course will be dependent on level of course development and will be decided in conversation with your home unit.

Program Assistant - Oversees a group of students as a part of the program and assists program lead as needed, may have responsibility to:

  • Track finances
  • Monitor logistics
  • Ensure student safety and wellness
  • Assist program lead as needed

Skills helpful for program assistants include experience working in student-facing positions, experience with university financial policies, and prior experience traveling with student groups domestically or internationally. All costs are covered and you will receive full international per diem, which is based on State Department rates and tends to be fairly generous.

Other ways to become involved with Global Learning at Gies:

Global Classroom (virtual global engagement)

Global Classrooms are aimed at supporting you as an instructor to structure collaborative international learning experiences, facilitated by technology, between your students and students from international partner institutions. In this program, you connect with an international partner who teaches in a similar or complementary discipline to develop a project with concrete goals and deliverables and implement it in one of your existing courses. Projects vary in scope and duration, but typically last between six and eight weeks. For more information, please contact Grace Cleary (gcleary@illinois.edu).