Short-term Programs

Due to concerns about COVID-19 and in the interest of the health and safety of all involved, short-term programs have been suspended indefinitely.

Short-term faculty-led programs sponsored by Gies College of Business are typically reserved for Gies undergraduates only, unless otherwise noted. If you are interested in leading a faculty-led study abroad program, click on the "FACULTY & STAFF" tab above.

Winter Break

  • South Africa Johannesberg and Cape Town - for Gies students affiliated with the Enrichment Academy and Emerging Business Leaders programs. (Qualifying Gies students are limited to participation in two EA trips).
  • Israel Tel Aviv and Jerusalem - An introduction to social innovation and entrepreneurship in Israel.
  • New Zealand Auckland (and Queenstown) - Doing business in New Zealand (and more!).
  • Brazil Sao Paulo - T&M Case Competition. By invitation only through the T&M Program.

Other program options available to Gies undergrads during Winter Break...

  • India Chennai and New Delhi - International Business Immersion Program (IBIP) is administered through ACES, but open to Gies students.
  • Ecuador Quito - Open to Gies students, this ACES sponsored program will focus on the chocolate food system in Ecuador. Yes, I said "CHOCOLATE".

Spring Break

  • Italy Rome - Experience the business and culture of food.
  • Israel Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem - Origin Ventures Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership goes on a Startup Nation Workshop.
  • Brazil/Argentina Sao Paulo, Rio Buenos Aries - Reserved for Gies Business Honors.
  • Japan Toyko, Osaka - Reserved for Gies Business James Scholars.
  • Israel Tel Aviv, Be'er Shiva, Jerusalem - Reserved for Gies Business James Scholars.
  • India New Delhi, ACES IBIP program (International Business Immersion Program. Open to Gies!

Summer Break

  • UK/France London, Paris - Open to all Gies undergrads. International Business Experience with Prof Hayden Noel.
  • Spain Madrid, Bilbao - Open to all Gies undergrads. Cross-Cultural Intelligence for Business People with Dr. Candace Martinez.
  • France/Belgium Paris, Brussels - Open to all Gies undergrads at Professor Winter's descretion. Professional Responsibility with Dr. Gretchen Winter.
  • Austria Vienna - Open to all Gies undergrads at Professor Mark Wolters' discretion. Social Media Marketing with Dr. Mark Wolters.
  • China Beijing, Shanghai - Reserved for T&M students and lead by John Quarton.