Short-term Programs 2019-2020

Short-term faculty-led programs sponsored by Gies College of Business are typically reserved for Business undergraduates only, unless otherwise noted.

Information on these upcoming trips is being updated daily. If you need more information an any of these programs, please visit Business International Programs in 320 Wohlers Hall, or contact Dan Anderson,

If you are interested in leading a faculty-led study abroad program, click on the "FACULTY & STAFF" tab above.

Winter Break (December/January 2019-20)

Application deadline for most Winter break programs is September 15, unless otherwise noted.

  • South Africa Johannesberg and Cape Town - for Gies students affiliated with the Enrichment Academy and Emerging Business Leaders programs. (Qualifying Gies students are limited to participation in two EA trips).
  • Israel Tel Aviv and Jerusalem - An introduction to social innovation and entrepreneurship in Israel.
  • New Zealand Auckland (and Queenstown) - Doing business in New Zealand (and more!).
  • Brazil Sao Paulo - T&M Case Competition. By invitation only through the T&M Program.

Other program options available to Gies undergrads during Winter Break...

  • India Chennai and New Delhi - International Business Immersion Program (IBIP) is administered through ACES, but open to Gies students.
  • Ecuador Quito - Open to Gies students, this ACES sponsored program will focus on the chocolate food system in Ecuador. Yes, I said "CHOCOLATE".

Spring Break (March 2020)

Application deadline for most Spring break programs is November 15, unless otherwise noted.

  • Italy Rome - Experience the business and culture of food.
  • Israel Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem - Origin Ventures Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership goes on a Startup Nation Workshop.
  • Brazil/Argentina Sao Paulo, Rio Buenos Aries - Reserved for Gies Business Honors.
  • Japan Toyko, Osaka - Reserved for Gies Business James Scholars.
  • Israel Tel Aviv, Be'er Shiva, Jerusalem - Reserved for Gies Business James Scholars.
  • India New Delhi, ACES IBIP program (International Business Immersion Program. Open to Gies!

Summer Break (May/June 2020)

Application deadline for most Summer break programs is February 15, unless otherwise noted.

  • UK/France London, Paris - Open to all Gies undergrads. International Business Experience with Prof Hayden Noel.
  • Spain Madrid, Bilbao - Open to all Gies undergrads. Cross-Cultural Intelligence for Business People with Dr. Candace Martinez.
  • France/Belgium Paris, Brussels - Open to all Gies undergrads at Professor Winter's descretion. Professional Responsibility with Dr. Gretchen Winter.
  • Austria Vienna - Open to all Gies undergrads at Professor Mark Wolters' discretion. Social Media Marketing with Dr. Mark Wolters.
  • China Beijing, Shanghai - Reserved for T&M students and lead by John Quarton.