Mission Statement

The Department of Accountancy will serve the profession and the community by providing global leadership in the accountancy discipline. It will provide innovative learning experiences that engage the highest quality faculty and students in all aspects of scholarship, including the creation, dissemination and application of accounting knowledge.

Shared Values:

  • A commitment to scholarship involving the creation of new accounting knowledge.
  • A commitment to excellence in everything we do to meet our mission.
  • Recognition that continuous improvement is essential to our ongoing success.
  • A belief that innovation is essential to maintaining excellence and continuous improvement.
  • A commitment to treat everyone with the same respect we demand for ourselves.
  • A belief that open and candid communication is important to accomplishing our mission.
  • A willingness to cooperate and work together to accomplish our common goals.
  • A commitment to diversity in scholarly, cultural, racial and gender matters.
  • A commitment to high ethical values and behavior consistent with those ethical values.