ACCY Peer Tutoring

The EY Accountancy Peer Tutor Center offers trained tutors (Accountancy seniors and graduate students) free of charge to assist students who need help. You do not need an appointment.

Peer Tutoring for ACCY 201, 202, and any 300 or 400 level courses is offered Sunday through Thursday evenings, from 5 - 7pm in 2056 BIF

Math and Statistics Support Center

This semester, in room 304 in the English Building, students enrolled in relevant courses can go for free tutoring at specified days/times.  Classes covered include Math 112, 115, 220 (regular and BioCalculus) and 231; Also Stat 212/400.  For more information on tutoring for your particular class, go to :

Some of the other math courses have tutoring arranged separately from the SSC, including MATH 124, 234, 241 and 285.  Go here for more information: