Professional Growth Opportunities

Accounting Scholars Leadership Workshop

The AICPA Foundation sponsors an annual, all-expenses paid leadership workshop for underrepresented accounting, tax, and finance students. Selected students will participate in learning session and panel discussion covering a wide array of topics such as developing leadership skills and passing the CPA exam. View more information

Here what some of our students had to say about their experience at the Accounting Scholarship Leadership Workshop:

“The ASLW was such an amazing opportunity and I’m very grateful to have been invited to attend along with all the other prestigious students from all over the US. During the workshop, we listened to speakers tell us about their journey through the accounting profession and how they overcame adversity. We also had the chance to talk with many professionals who work in various industries which helped me learn about the different paths an accounting degree can lead to. Most importantly for me, however, were the relationships I was able to build with other students who are just like me. Hearing their stories of how they handled adversity motivated and inspired me to keep moving forward with my education and become a CPA. Overall, it was an amazing experience and I would encourage every accounting student to attend.”

— Robert Navarro (MAS, 2020)

“The AICPA and the Accounting Scholars Leadership Workshop gave me the opportunity to hear from successful individuals both in and outside of the accounting profession. I received a lot of resources and support and it felt great to be surrounded by student leaders all striving towards one common goal: passing the CPA exam.”

— Mia Shah (MAS, 2020)

Mary T. Washington Wylie Internship Preparation Program

The Illinois CPA Society has an annual, all-expenses paid opportunity which launches underrepresented college students into the accounting profession with access to training, resources, and mentors. At the end of the program, employers interview the students for a variety of paid accounting internships that could lead to full-time jobs. View more information

Here is what one of our incoming MAS students had to say about the program:

“This experience changed my life! I received helpful resume tips, interview advice, and learned all about the CPA exam. I learned important lessons about my professional presence, attitude, and etiquette, which has provided me with a greater sense of self confidence.”

— Abisola Oladigbo (MAS, 2021)

FASB/GASB Postgraduate Technical Assistant Program

Both the Financial Accounting Standards Board and the Governmental Accounting Standards Board sponsor a postgraduate technical assistant program twice a year (programs commence in summer and winter) for individuals who are planning a career with an emphasis in accounting. Each program is a one-year term, during which the individual becomes highly involved with the accounting standards-setting process and comes to have an in-depth understanding of the roles played by preparers, auditors, and users of financial information. View more information

Nomination Process

The University of Illinois Accountancy department is invited annually by the Financial Accounting Foundation to nominate up to four students to the PTA program. To apply for one of these nominations, you must submit a required packet of information to a faculty committee. The committee then reviews applications and conducts interviews with finalists. Applications are generally due to the committee in October and nomination decisions are made in November. Detailed deadlines and instructions for the nomination process are communicated annually. The FASB’s interview process occurs during December through March.


  • Expect to complete a double undergrad major or Master’s degree in Accountancy by May 2022
  • This program is not appropriate for students enrolled in the Tax option

To express interest in the program, submit the required packet of  information to by 11:59 pm on Monday, October 29, 2021.  Your packet must include:

  1. Transcript of all college courses
  2. Grade-point average for accounting courses
  3. Resume
  4. Gies Accountancy faculty member reference, including contact information
  5. Statement of interest, addressing the following questions: Why are you interested in this program? What particular financial accounting topic interests you the most, and why?

Here is what MAS students had to say about the PTA program:

"The PTA program provides firsthand knowledge of the standard setting process, as you play an integral role in multiple projects on the FASB’s/GASB’s agenda. Responsibilities include drafting and presenting technical memoranda to facilitate Board discussion during deliberations; conducting and analyzing stakeholder feedback; and drafting due process documents, including proposed Accounting Standards Updates. My year at the FASB had a profound impact on my development as a new accounting professional. As a PTA, you are surrounded by some of the most knowledgeable and experienced individuals in the field of accounting. The Board and Staff also bring various perspectives and experiences (as they are a mix of former preparers, practitioners, users, and academics), which contributes to receiving a more well-rounded and practical understanding of the impact of accounting decisions to different stakeholders. The knowledge gained as a PTA is invaluable to me and directly relates to my current role in accounting advisory within public accounting."

Brian McKeown (MAS, 2016)

"After interviewing with the GASB Chairman and project staff, I knew that the PTA program would surround me with some of the most impressive minds in accounting and further stimulate my growth as a professional exponentially."

— Chris Billing (MAS, 2020)

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In addition to the tools and resources to support your journey to CPA, AICPA Student Affiliate Members get:

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AICPA Legacy Scholarships

Snag an AICPA Legacy Scholarship and you'll be a member of the elite AICPA Legacy Scholars.  The coinage will help pay for college, and the program will provide you with skills that make you even more appealing to employers.

Interested in becoming an AICPA Legacy Scholar?  Explore information on all of the scholarships we offer below:

  • AICPA/Robert Half Student Scholarship Award- $10,000
  • AWSCPA Scholarship Award- $5,000
  • AICPA Foundation Scholarship for Future CPAs- $5,000
  • AICPA John L. Carey Scholarship Award- $5,000
  • AICPA Scholarship Award for Minority Accounting Students- $3,000-$5,000
  • AICPA Foundation Two- year Transfer Scholarship Award- $5,000

National Scholarship Search- If you don't qualify for an AICPA Legacy Scholarship, don't fret.  There are plenty of other scholarship options to explore.


AICPA Foundation CPA Exam Scholarship

Times are tough and AICPA is here to help.  We've just launched the first-ever AICPA Foundation CPA Exam Scholarship.  At least 50 extraordinary applicants will be paid up to $1,500 in a lump sum to reimburse CPA exam fees and preparatory courses. (Open Date: June 15, 2021; Close Date: September 15, 2021)

Applicants must provide a copy of Notice to Schedule (NTS) for at least one section of the CPA Exam and a copy of the receipt for payment of exam application fees.  For reimbursement of CPA Exam preparatory courses/materials, applicants must provide proof of purchase with their application.  Some recipients may be awarded less than the full amount of this scholarship.

An Eligible Applicant Must:

  • Be an AICPA Student Affiliate member or an AICPA CPA Exam Candidate Affiliate member (or have submitted a new member application).  AICPA Student Affiliate membership is free.  A promotional code is available within the scholarship application to waive fees for the first year of AICPA CPA Exam Candidate Affiliate membership.
  • Be planning to pursue CPA licensure, but not currently be a CPA.
  • Be approved to test by NASBA or your State Board of Accountancy and agree to sit for at least one part of the exam within nine months of the date on the application approval letter.
  • Not have already completed all four parts of the exam (may have completed up to three parts).
  • Have some financial need (i.e., not receiving any scholarship, grant, or employer reimbursement that would cover exam cost or preparatory courses).
  • Recipients may be current or prior AICPA Legacy Scholarship recipients.
  • Be a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident (green card holder).

Required Documents:

  • A copy of a Notice to Schedule (NTS) AND a copy of your receipt for payment of exam application fees.
  • If applicable, receipts of paid exam preparatory courses for reimbursement (no more than $1,500 will be reimbursed to selected recipients for exam fees and or exam preparatory courses).
  • An official academic transcript from your graduate and/or undergraduate degree where you met the 120 or 150 credit hours requirement; state dependent.
  • A copy of your updated resume.
  • A completed online application.

Apply Here

Contact Information:

Join the Illinois CPA Society -for free- as a Student Member

The Illinois CPA Society's FREE student membership provides access to valuable information, programs, and support.  They offer scholarships, career development, CPA exam resources, and more!  If you join while you're still in school, the Society will grant you with one year of FREE professional membership after you graduate.  Students can join online HERE!

Illinois CPA Society Scholarship Program

The Illinois CPA Society scholarships are funded by the CPA Endowment Fund of Illinois. The scholarships recognize accounting students and CPA candidates who demonstrate strong academic performance, leadership qualities, and financial need. Annually the Fund awards approximately $200,000 in scholarships and outreach support to more than 170 of the most diverse and deserving accounting students across the state.

Student Testimonial:

"As the recipient of two Illinois CPA Society scholarships, I'm here to tell you that it's absolutely worth the time it takes to apply!  I get it- you have a lot going on.  I did too!  I held a busy-season internship, served in leadership roles on campus, and earned my BS with honors.  It's tough to find the time for everything!  Receiving this scholarship removed so much stress from my life.  It lightened my financial burden so that I could cut back on my hours at work and focus on achieving my goals.  Now, I'm graduating in May with less student debt, studying for the CPA exam, and ready to start my full-time job in October!  If you are eligible, DO NOT miss your chance to apply for one of these scholarships.  The deadline is just a few short weeks away, so get started today!"

- Paige Cosgrove


Illinois CPA Society- CPA Exam Award

Amount: Approximately $900 reimbursement for NASBA fees

Available: November 30/ Deadline: January 30

Available: April 30/ Deadline: June 30

Click to APPLY

The CPA exam award reimburses candidates approximately $900 for the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy fees and helps bridge the gap between the number of graduating accounting majors and new CPAs. The high cost of the CPA exam is often the last financial hurdle aspiring CPAs must overcome. These CPA candidates have achieved their 150 credit hour requirement, applied to sit for the exam, and are often at the beginning stages of their job search.

Scholarship Requirements:

  • Not be reimbursed for CPA exam fees by a current or future employer
  • Have pre-approved status by Illinois Board of Examiners and agree to take at least one part within nine months of the date on the application approval letter from the Board of Examiners. Applicants for this award must not have completed all four parts of the exam, but may apply with a portion of the exam completed
  • Complete all four parts of the exam within 18 months of being approved to test by the Illinois Board of Examiners. If all four parts are not completed within 18 months, candidates may be asked to refund all, or a portion of the award based on number of parts completed
  • Maintain a current or final cumulative GPA of 3.0/4.0 or equivalent
  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and a resident of Illinois

National Society of Black CPAs (NSBCPA)

Earlier this year NSBCPA launched a first-of-its-kind Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Exam Bootcamp Program for Black Accounting Students.

The National Society of Black CPAs is laser-focused on increasing the number of Black CPAs. We developed our own CPA Exam Review that encompasses study methods to enhance the skills of Black students by providing professors from our community.

This one of a kind virtual program also includes:

1. Placement Assessment

2. Pre-recorded Black CPA/professor accounting sessions

3. Weekly CPA exam review sessions led by Black CPAs

4. Weekly accountability study sessions

5. CPA mentor assigned to each student

6. Application and test fee support

You must be an active NSBCPA student or CPA Candidate member to apply, which you can do there:

Additionally, please note the deadlines are August 9, 2021 for the BEC cohort and October 11, 2021 for the REG cohort, respectively. If you or someone you is ready to apply to CPA Breakthrough. They can go to and log in to the application once they have their NSBCPA login details.