Campus Study Abroad programs

Below is an incomplete listing of the Business classes that have transferred back from various campus study abroad programs. This list is meant to give you an idea of what non-Business programs have been popular with your classmates. In many cases, General Education and/or language courses will also transfer back, and additional Business courses may also transfer.

Non-College of Business Programs listed by popularity with BUS students, starting with most popular

  • SAO Exchange: Spanish Studies in Granada
  • SAO Verona Studies Program
  • SAO Food and Culture in Rome
  • SAO Intensive Spanish in Bilbao

Society and Economy of Contemporary Spain fulfills the 2nd IB major elective

Spanish for Business & International Rel. fulfills the 2nd IB major elective

International Business = IB Major Elective #2

  • Winter LAS/SAO Course Abroad: Global Studies, GLBL 298, Barcelona Spain
  • SAO Exchange: Chinese University of Hong Kong

FIN4110 Options and Futures fulfills a FIN major course

FIN2010BC Financial Management fulfills FIN 221

FIN3020 International Finance fulfills a FIN major elective

MGT3580 Global Enterprise Mgt. fulfills BADM380/ IS/IT major elective

Investment Analysis and Portfolio Mgt fulfills FIN 311

MGT1020 Principles of Management = BADM 310

MKT3020 Consumer Behavior = BADM 325

ECO3530 International Economics = FIN major elective

MGNT2510 Introduction to International Business = BADM 380

MGNT1020A Principles of Management = BADM 310

The following is a list of non-Business programs where some upper-level business courses have been approved. Fewer BUS students have attended these programs.

  • SAO Exchange: Yonsei University in Japan

BIZ2120 Marketing = BADM 320

IEE3230 Financial Mgt. = FIN 221

Productions & Operations Management = BADM 375

U3983 Intro to Investment Management = FIN 311

BIZ1102 Organizational Behavior = BADM 310

BIZ3126 Consumer Behavior = BADM 325

  • SAO Exchange: BEP Queen Mary in London, U.K.

BUS 014: Human Resource Management = BADM 313

BUS 207: Organizaation Theory = BADM 312

BUS 213: Advertising = Mktg major elective (star)

  • SAO Exchange: Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey

INIT 142: Legal Environ in Business=Intl Bus major elective #2

  • SAO Provider: Arcadia London, England – City Univ. (note that BUS has an exchange program with City University, which is cheaper)

ECON 202, BADM 446; MGT major elective, FIN 221, BADM 375

  • SAO Provider:CIEE Seville, Spain – Bus. and Society

BADM 381, BADM 382, FIN 221, Intl Bus major elective #1

  • SAO Exchange: Univ. San Francisco de Quito

BADM 313, FIN 412, BADM 320

  • SAO Provider: Arcadia Bond University

BADM 313, BADM 446, FIN 232, FIN 412

  • ITESM Estado de Mexico

BADM 320, FIN 221, FIN major course

  • SAO (Study Abroad UK) London School of Economics

FIN 221, FIN 321, FIN 412, MGT-GEN major elective, MKTG major elective (non-star), IS/IT major elective

  • SAO (Study Abroad Ireland) Cork

BADM 322, 323, 325, 449

  • SAO University of Western Australia

BADM 311, 312, 380

FIN 321, 412

  • SAO University of Wollongong in Australia

BADM 313, BADM 320, FIN 311, FIN 461, FIN major course

  • SAO Exchange: Korea University

BADM 325

  • SAO Provider: IAU Aix-en-Provence, France

BUS 380, BADM 382

  • ADV Exchange: Dublin City University in Ireland

BADM 323, Intl Bus major elective #1, Mktg major elective (non-star), Mktg major elective (starred), MGT-Gen major elective, MGT-ENT major elective

  • SAO Exchange: The University of Hong Kong

BADM 313, BADM 383, BADM 382, BADM 420, Intl Bus major elective #2, MGT-Gen major elective, Mktg major elective (non-star), MGT-ENT major elective, IS/IT major elective (2nd set)

  • SAO Provider: Arcadia Rome, Italy

BADM 380, FIN 451, Intl Bus major elective #1

  • SAO Exchange: Waseda University, Japan

Financial Management = FIN 221

  • SAO Exchange: National University of Singapore

RE1101: Fundamentals of Real Estate = FIN 221

RE1301: Real Estate Bus = Fin 241

RE2101: Real Estate Market Analysis = Fin 4xx

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