Post-Decision Next Steps & Checklist:

Congratulations on your acceptance into a Gies Global Program! Here's what comes next:


Sign your Confirmation of Participation (CoP)

You must physically sign the document (no typed signatures) and upload all pages to the Confirmation of Participation (CoP) Post-decision Questionnaire. The deadline for this document will be communicated via email.


Start the Visa Process

For the most part, you will manage your own visa process as each citizen's journey is unique. We attempt to obtain batch appointments through the Spanish and Italian consulates, however, it is not guaranteed. If you find that you need a letter from Illinois or the host institution along the way – please reach out. We are also happy to go over consulate websites with you if you need help.


Find Housing for Your Time Abroad

Look in your program guide for how to proceed with housing. Some programs may provide housing and may require you to house with them, others are more flexible and your options could be off-campus student housing, apartment, host family, etc. It is important to prioritize this as the search process can be long and spaces may be limited.


Complete pre-departure modules in My Study abroad.


Contact the financial aid office to see how your aid applies and what costs.


Attend your Next Steps/ Pre-Departure Meeting

Attend this informational event to learn about course registration, visas, housing, currency, safety protocols, and more. You will also get the opportunity to meet people in your program!


Receive Information from Your Host Institution

After you have officially committed to your program Gies Global will nominate you to your Host Institution. Following this, they will reach out to you with the next steps. Typically, they will have an application you will need to fill out in order to admit you to their system.


Book Your Flight

You are responsible for booking your flight. Book accordingly with your program's start date and your housing move-in date.


Look Into Which Classes You Will Take

The Course selection process varies from program to program. It is important to pay attention to the information your host university communicates as they will let you know when to register and what classes are available to you.


Complete LAS 291 assignments.

Additonal Tasks To Complete before your time abroad:
Phone Plan:

Reach out to your phone provider in regards to an international plan to avoid roaming fees. You can also look into Google Fi as a potential option.

Finances Abroad:

We suggest checking if your current debit and/or credit card charges foreign transaction fees. We also suggest getting some of your local currency before you go.


Budget your program cost and evaluate your financial aid. We suggest organizing your expenses and costs onto a spreadsheet along with your financial aid. You can access this information from your CoP and Self-Service. You can also reach out to OFSA for an estimated financial aid package based on your particular program.

Before heading abroad, educate yourself on the country's customs:

Doing your research before going abroad can help you better understand what to expect as well as how to better assimilate to your new environment. Looking into the exchange experience of other students can help for a smoother transition.

Deal with your current housing on campus:

If you are living in private housing be sure to reach out to your leasing office in order to find the best way to organize a sublease. If you are living in university housing contact them.