Faculty-Led Programs

Short-term programs are led by Gies faculty and administrators. These programs range in length from one week to four weeks and typically offer one to three credit hours. The programs run during winter break, spring break, and summer. Short-term faculty-led programs sponsored by Gies College of Business are typically reserved for Gies undergraduates only, unless otherwise noted. Visit this page if you are interested in leading a faculty-led study abroad program.

Upcoming Programs for May 2023

These programs are led by Gies faculty members. Programs begin just after graduation and run for one-to-four weeks. Applications are due between February 15th and March 5th

BADM 395: Evaluating Energy Sources of the Future (Brazil)

The program in Brazil will run May 20-May 28, 2023. The associated course will run during the second eight weeks of the spring 2023 semester. Scholarships are available.

$3,500 (including flight)

Apply here by March 5, 2023

BUS 199: Cultural Competence (Spain)

This Program will run from May 27- June 10, 2023. This offering will challenge students to consider the cultural influences at work in a country at the national, firm, and individual levels. The trip will consist of one week spent in Bilbao, followed by one week in Madrid, Spain, will include daily classes taught by Prof. Martinez at Deusto and ICADE universities, respectively, as well as cultural field trips and corporate visits in each city.

$3,400 (not including flight)

Apply here by  March 5, 2023

Managing for Tomorrow Sustainability Program (Vienna, Austria)

Program will run May 16- May 27, 2023. This program will focus on sustainable business from a bigger picture perspective, including the need for systems thinking. Students will explore topics such as climate action, a circular economy, social justice, the role of technology, responsible consumption, and more. UIUC students will work with students from WU Vienna to explore how organizations deal with complex programs related to sustainability. Students will take part in site visits around Vienna and other parts of Austria.

$4,250-$4,750 (not including flight)

Apply here by March 5, 2023

BADM 320: Principles of Marketing (Spain and Portugal)

Earn credit for BADM 320 and build a solid base of marketing knowledge. Whatever direction your business career takes — accountancy, finance, management, supply chain, marketing, advertising or non-profits — you will finish BADM 320 with a firm understanding of the principles of marketing. Now imagine taking this required course during three weeks in Lisbon, Portugal, Córdoba, Spain, and Barcelona, Spain. Classroom time for BADM will be integrated with company visits, cultural experiences and plenty of free time. You will travel with and learn from Dr. Mark Wolters, Teaching Associate Professor of Business Administration, at the UIUC Gies College of Business.

$5,100-$5,800 (not including flight or tuition)

Apply here by March 5, 2023

BUS 116: Gies Scholars in São Paulo, Salvador, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This Gies Scholar program will offer a variety of cultural activities and business visits related to the theme of entrepreneurship.

$2,000 including flight

Apply here by February 15, 2023

T&M International Business Plan Competition

Open to juniors and seniors in the T&M program. Students from four world-class universities on four continents will converge in Germany to participate in the 15th Technology & Management International Business Plan Competition. Open to T&M students only.

Apply here by February 24, 2023