Many scholarships require you to write an essay. Be sure to do your best on the essay, because for many scholarships, the quality of the essay makes a difference as to who receives the scholarships. Stay away from general ideas, such as saying that you are interested in a particular program because you think it will help you to "grow as a person" and "be more open to other cultures". Think specifically about how a particular experience may help your career and personal goals in the particular country that you are going to.

Do take the time to apply for scholarships. Every year there are scholarships that remained unclaimed because not enough students applied. Even if you do not meet the criteria exactly, you may be the closest to it of all the people who have applied.

There is a single application for all scholarships managed by Gies Global. You will be matched with the scholarship for which you best qualify.

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All study abroad students should apply for the I4I scholarship, from the study abroad student fee. It can be used for semester or faculty-led programs.

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Undergrads going to India should apply for the Wert scholarship. The program reflects the Charles Wert's strong interest in fostering interactions between the university and institutions in India.

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Any student receiving a Pell Grant should apply for the Gilman Scholarship.

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See other scholarships available through the University of Illinois.


See scholarship opportunities with the National & International Scholarship Program.


Program Costs

For many students, an important consideration for any study abroad program is the cost. There are study abroad programs at UIUC that can meet every budget.

Semester Programs

The most cost effective programs are generally exchange programs. For these programs, you do not need to pay the tuition of the university you will be attending. You only pay Range III tuition at the University of Illinois. This is a substantial tuition savings over the regular cost of tuition, especially if you are from out of state.

Short-term Programs

The costs for short-term study abroad programs varies widely and depends on the location, duration and number of participating students. Some short-term programs are subsidized by Gies College of Business. The Gies Study Abroad Office does everything possible to provide safe, high-quality programs to Gies students at a reasonable cost to participating students. Questions about the cost of any of our programs can be emailed to

Financial Aid

Financial Aid can generally be used the same for study abroad periods as for when the student is attending classes at UIUC. For students going on a semester program, the financial aid will be adjusted to reflect the program costs. Keep in mind that financial aid will not be distributed until the beginning of the UIUC semester. These dates can differ significantly from when our study abroad programs begin, so be prepared for this.