Checking In Attendees

Event Check-in on a Mobile Device

1. Open the Campus Groups App on your iPhone or Andriod Device, navigate to the event for which you will be checking in attendees, then select the Check-in Attendees option from the menu dropdown in the upper right corner of the event page.

2. Select manual check-in, swipe card check-in, or QR code scanner check-in from the three options at the top and check-in student attendees from your mobile device. Note that all registered attendees will receive an e-ticket via email with the QR code for check-in using this feature.

Manual Check-In

To use the manual check-in feature, simply check off the names of attendees from the roster or search for their name in the search box.

Card Swiper

Select the card swipe check-in option, insert a card reader, then swipe attendees iCards. You will receive a screen notification when the attendee is checked in. If this feature does not work, the attendee may not already have a user account in Gies Groups. Please follow the event check-in for non members instructions.

QR Code Check-In

When students register to an event, they receive a confirmation email that includes a QR code. This QR code is also available under their CampusGroups profile.

After downloading the CampusGroups app on your iPhone or Android, scan these QR codes at the door to check in students.

  1. Manage Event on your mobile device.
  2. Tap on 'Checkin Attendees'.
  3. Select 'QRCode Scanner'.
  4. Scan the attendee's QR code.

The person has been checked-in.

QR Code Self Check-In

This feature allows students to check themselves into an event by scanning a QR code you post at the registration table for the event. See instructions on how to activate the QR code self check-in feature to set up this check-in option.

1. Attendees will need to open the mobile app and select the QR code scanner option from the top right corner of the app menu.

2. Attendees will select the "Scan QR Code" button at the bottom of the QR code scanner screen then scan the QR code event organizer have posted at the check-in area.