Editing an Event

To edit your event, select your event from the events list and click the Edit button.

Section 1: What

  • Edit the event name
  • Add an event description
  • Select and Event Type (required)
  • Select one or more event topics to help Gies Groups users filter to find your event on the calendar
  • Add one or more speakers
  • Designate an event coordinator and event planning team members

Section 2: When

  • Edit the data and time of your event
  • Manage recurring event settins
  • Add custom time instructions

Section 3: Where

  • Note if the event is on- or off-campus
  • Provide an event locatin name
  • Add an address (required for maps function)
  • Manage display settings

Section 4: Event Photo and Flyer

  • Add an event photo. Your Event Photo is a nice photo or background image representing your event. It will be resized and displayed in the upcoming events slider on the home page, on the right of your event page and in the mobile app. This is a great way to promote your event.
  • Add an event flyer. Your Flyer is the key information about your event displayed in a visual way. We will display your flyer to people who mouse over your event in the calendar, in email invitations, and in the event details section of your event page.

Section 5: File Attachments

  • Add file attachments you want to provide to attendees prior to the event

Section 6: Select Access and Display Options

  • Manage who is able to register for your event and who is able to see your event on the calendar

Section 7: Registration Options

  • Set registration options including event fees, registration opening time frame, attendance limits, RSVP confirmation and reminder messages, and more!

Section 8: More Options

  • Designate a parent event
  • Acknowledge event sponsors
  • Upload files and photos
  • Enter a cost center code