Member Tags

Create Custom Tags for Members

These tags can be assigned to members by the officers. The tags are not seen by the members.

You can use these tags to:

  • Sort your members into sub-groups, retrieve them, email them
  • Give access to a limited number of members to some of your content, with the Privacy Settings links
  • Send notifications to a set number of officers, when someone submit answers to a form or survey

1. On the "Dashboard" tab, click the Tags option.

2. Next, click the "Create Member Tag" button to create new tags to be assigned to your members.

3. Click the pencil button next to each tag to change the name, select a color code, and set access permissions.

Click the Access rights button to determine who can view and utilize the tag

Select from the radio button list to choose users who can view and utilize the tag

Adding Tags to Members

To add tags to individual members, click the "All Members" option under the Members menu, then click the "Edit Tags" option to assign tags to individual members

To assign tags to a group of members, click the checkbox for each member you wish to tag, then select "Add Member Tag" from the dropdown menu to the right the the generate report button. Select members and choose the "Remove Member Tag" option to remove tags.