Name Email Office Phone Title
Abdel-khalik, A. Rashad rashad@illinois.edu 2037D BIF (217) 265-0539 Professor of Accountancy, V.K. Zimmerman Professor of International Accounting, Director of Zimmerman Center
Alt, Amanda mandialt@illinois.edu 284 Wohlers Hall (217) 300-0383 Instructor of Accountancy
Anand, Vic vanand@illinois.edu 206 Wohlers Hall (217) 300-3109 Assistant Professor of Accountancy and John Deere Analytics Teaching Fellow
Anderson, Spencer spencera@illinois.edu 4072 BIF (217) 300-0109 Assistant Professor of Accountancy
Brown, Nerissa nerissab@illinois.edu 204 Wohlers Hall (217) 300-7694 Associate Professor of Accountancy and PwC Faculty Fellow, RC Evans Data Analytics Fellow, and Academic Director BSA/MSA Program
Brown, Timothy tjb@illinois.edu 4070 BIF (217) 300-0697 Assistant Professor of Accountancy
Brunner, Robert bigdog@illinois.edu 355 Wohlers Hall (217) 244-6099 Associate Dean for Innovation and Chief Disruption Officer, Professor of Accountancy and Arthur Anderson Faculty Fellow, and Director of Deloitte Analytics Center
Chatterton, Angel chatter@illinois.edu 2037C BIF (217) 300-3608 Senior Instructor of Accountancy and RC Evans Data Analytics Fellow
Chen, Ciao-Wei cchen64@illinois.edu 194 Wohlers Hall (217) 300-1447 Assistant Professor of Accountancy
Chen, Clara cxchen@illinois.edu 293 Wohlers Hall (217) 244-3953 Professor of Accountancy and Lillian, Morrie Moss Distinguished Professor, PhD Director
Ciconte, William wciconte@illinois.edu 289 Wohlers Hall (217) 300-3355 Assistant Professor of Accountancy
Curtis, Susan smcurtis@illinois.edu 208 Wohlers Hall (217) 333-4529 Lecturer of Accountancy
Davis, Greg gdavis14@illinois.edu 3052 BIF (217) 244-7507 Lecturer of Accountancy
Davis, Jon jondavis@illinois.edu 4005 BIF (217) 300-0489 Professor of Accountancy and R.C. Evans Endowed Chair in Business
Donohoe, Michael mdonohoe@illinois.edu 285 Wohlers Hall (217) 333-8878 Associate Professor of Accountancy and PwC Faculty Fellow
Du, Fei feidu@illinois.edu 298 Wohlers Hall (217) 300-5711 Assistant Professor of Accountancy and Arthur Anderson Faculty Fellow and RC Evans Data Analytics Fellow
Elliott, W. Brooke wbe@illinois.edu 360D Wohlers Hall (217) 333-9247 Professor of Accountancy and Department Head and Ernst & Young Distinguished Professor in Accounting
Fanning, Kirsten kirstenf@illinois.edu 4066 BIF (217) 300-1981 Assistant Professor of Accountancy
Fisher, Mitch mfisher6@illinois.edu 409 Wohlers Hall (217) 300-0225 Instructor of Accountancy
Godsell, David dgodsell@illinois.edu 4003 BIF (217) 300-0844 Assistant Professor of Accountancy
Guymon, Ronald rnguymon@illinois.edu off campus (217) 300-8845 Senior Lecturer of Accountancy
Hamm, Brian bkhamm@illinois.edu 434 Wohlers Hall (217) 300-8388 Clinical Assistant Professor of Accountancy
Hayne, Christie hayne@illinois.edu 211 Wohlers Hall (217) 300-4577 Assistant Professor of Accountancy
Hecht, Gary ghecht@illinois.edu 361 Wohlers Hall (217) 300-0647 Associate Professor of Accountancy, Arthur Andersen Faculty Fellow, and Academic Director for iMSA Program
Hepp, John jhepp@illinois.edu 95 Wohlers Hall (217) 244-9061 Clinical Assistant Professor of Accountancy
Herbold, Joshua herbo@illinois.edu 4006 BIF (217) 300-8969 Teaching Associate Professor of Accountancy
Hobson, Jessen jlhobson@illinois.edu 4011 BIF (217) 265-0327 Associate Professor of Accountancy and PwC Faculty Fellow
Holder, Charles cholder@illinois.edu 284 Wohlers Hall (217) 300-6231 Lecturer of Accountancy
Holder, Daniel dan@holderwealthmgt.com 284 Wohlers Hall (217) 333-0857 Lecturer of Accountancy
Hutchens, Matthew mahutche@illinois.edu 4061 BIF (217) 300-1238 Lecturer of Accountancy
Hutchens, Michelle mlh80@illinois.edu 281 Wohlers Hall (217) 300-3678 Assistant Professor of Accountancy
Ibrahim, Adel aibrahim@illinois.edu 111 Wohlers Hall (217) 244-2530 Lecturer of Accountancy
Jackson, Kevin kjack@illinois.edu 1055 BIF (217) 244-0532 Associate Dean of Undergraduate Affairs and Associate Professor of Accountancy and PwC Faculty Fellow
Johnson, Jennifer jj12@illinois.edu 434 Wohlers Hall (217) 300-8530 Instructor of Accountancy
Kink, Dawn dawnkink@illinois.edu 434 Wohlers Hall (217) 300-8553 Clinical Assistant Professor of Accountancy
Koo, David davidkoo@illinois.edu 215 Wohlers Hall (217) 300-2953 Assistant Professor of Accountancy
Kustanovich, Michael mkustan@illinois.edu 94 Wohlers Hall (217) 300-7298 Senior Lecturer of Accountancy
Laney, Douglas dblaney@illinois.edu off campus (217) 333-0857 Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor of Accountancy
Leiby, Justin jleiby2@illinois.edu 196 Wohlers Hall (217) 300-7825 Associate Professor of Accountancy and Professor Ken Perry Faculty Fellow
Li, Laura liyue@illinois.edu 343B Wohlers Hall (217) 265-5086 Associate Professor of Accountancy and PwC Faculty Fellow
Lima, Gerlando gerlando@illinois.edu 104 Wohlers Hall (217) 300-6235 Senior Lecturer of Accountancy
Lu, Zhenzhong (Linden) zllu2@illinois.edu 434 Wohlers Hall (217) 300-5970 Instructor of Accountancy
Lullo, Michael mlullo@illinois.edu 434 Wohlers Hall (217) 300-1606 Clinical Assistant Professor of Accountancy
Mendoza, Kimberly kimendoz@illinois.edu 4007 BIF (217) 300-5706 Assistant Professor of Accountancy and John Deere Analytics Teaching Fellow
Mendoza, Scott scottam2@illinois.edu 2037C BIF Instructor of Accountancy of Accountancy
Nekrasz, Frank nfrank@illinois.edu 343N Wohlers Hall (217) 333-4521 Clinical Assistant Professor of Accountancy, Director of CPA Review Program
Peecher, Mark peecher@illinois.edu 274 Wohlers Hall (217) 333-4542 Associate Dean of Faculty and Deloitte Professor of Accountancy
Penn, Michael mpenn@illinois.edu 97 Wohlers Hall (217) 300-7154 Senior Lecturer of Accountancy
Persson, Martin mpersson@illinois.edu 396 Wohlers Hall (217) 300-8547 Assistant Professor of Accountancy
Reierson, Tim treierso@illinois.edu 4012 BIF (217) 300-0387 Clinical Assistant Professor of Accountancy
Samet, Jordan jsamet@illinois.edu 213 Wohlers Hall (217) 300-2543 Instructor of Accountancy
Schwartz, Rachel rschwart@illinois.edu 330A Wohlers Hall (217) 333-0975 Senior Lecturer of Accountancy and Academic Director for MSA Program
Shapland, Julie jshaplan@illinois.edu 343O Wohlers Hall (217) 244-8057 Senior Lecturer of Accountancy
Silhan, Peter p-silhan@illinois.edu 294 Wohlers Hall (217) 333-8815 Associate Professor of Accountancy
Sougiannis, Theodore sougiani@illinois.edu 209 Wohlers Hall (217) 244-0555 Professor of Accountancy and Assistant Head and KPMG Distinguished Professor of Accountancy
Sternburg, Thomas t-stern@illinois.edu 4068 BIF (217) 333-3288 Teaching Assistant Professor of Accountancy
Steward, Cindy cindstu@illinois.edu 3054 BIF (217) 244-2836 Lecturer of Accountancy
Thompson, Anne amthomps@illinois.edu 343C Wohlers Hall (217) 244-3307 Associate Professor of Accountancy and Arthur Andersen Faculty Fellow
Urcan, Oktay ourcan@illinois.edu 4009 BIF (217) 265-0383 Associate Professor of Accountancy and Fred & Virginia Roedgers Faculty Fellow in Accountancy
Vuong, Anh apersson@illinois.edu 283 Wohlers Hall (217) 300-8543 Instructor of Accountancy
Wang, Laura lauraww@illinois.edu 296 Wohlers Hall (217) 265-5402 Assistant Professor of Accountancy and Fred & Virginia Roedgers Faculty Fellow in Accountancy
Wang, Zach zgwang@illinois.edu 4004 BIF (217) 265-0730 Assistant Professor of Accountancy
Williams, Devin devinw@illinois.edu 302 Wohlers Hall (217) 300-3639 Assistant Professor of Accountancy
Williamson, Michael migwilli@illinois.edu 291 Wohlers Hall (217) 300-3337 Professor of Accountancy and Associate Head and A.C. Littleton Professor of Accountancy
Wu, Martin martinwu@illinois.edu 112 Wohlers Hall (217) 333-5957 Associate Professor of Accountancy
Yun, Joseph jtyun@illinois.edu 2046 BIF (217) 333-8178 Research Assistant Professor of Accountancy
Zhang, Li lzhang70@illinois.edu 434 Wohlers Hall (217) 244-0327 Visiting Assistant Professor of Accountancy
Zhou, Daniel zhou121@illinois.edu 4074 BIF (217) 300-6833 Assistant Professor of Accountancy
Zhu, Wei zhuwei@illinois.edu 343I Wohlers Hall (217) 300-2967 Assistant Professor of Accountancy