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You just joined one of the best graduate accountancy programs in the country. We want to offer our support and resources to provide you a seamless transition into our program.


Master of Accounting Science (MAS) students have their own Express Advising hours (Zoom Link)

Mondays • (1-3pm): Cohort Leaders available via Zoom

Thursdays (2-4pm): Cohort Leaders available via Zoom; ACCY Advisors available via Zoom & for in-person express advising in 1045 BIF



Fall 2022 ACCY Events


Important Resources


ACCY Advising

ACCY Advising Appointment


ACCY Advisors:

Dionna Harper-(Last Name A-H)

Melinda Ohlsson-(Last Name I-Q)

Allyson Frizzell-(Last Name R-Z)


MAS Express Advising

Do you have a quick question about your course plan, CPA eligibility or need some advice on course selection? Great news! We are providing another opportunity for you to connect with someone to get your quick 10-15 minute questions answered!

  • Mondays • (1-3pm): Cohort Leaders available via Zoom
  • Thursdays (2-4pm): Cohort Leaders available via Zoom; ACCY Advisors available via Zoom & for in-person express advising in 1045 BIF

Master of Accounting Science (MAS) students have their own Express Advising hours (Zoom Link)


Business Career Services

Career Advising via Gies Groups


"Ask Career Services" Messaging Service- Students can request assistance, ask a question, or submit a document for review for a response the next business day.



GroupMe Page *Texting App managed by cohort leaders in order to quickly connect with MAS peers


MAS/MSA CPA Study Nights- Build community while studying with your peers each Wednesday from 7-9 PM


Registered Student Organizations


FASB/GASB Postgraduate Technical Assistant Program Both the Financial Accounting Standards Board and the Governmental Accounting Standards Board sponsor a postgraduate technical assistant program  for individuals who are planning a career with an emphasis in accounting.


Cultural Resource Centers


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Illinois Leadership Center


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Data Concentration Handout

Why FASB or GASB? (handout)

MAS Course Videos- Listen to Gies Accountancy Faculty discuss the courses they teach




Scholarships & Professional Growth- Continue to check out this page for new opportunities


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MAS Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it, hear what our alumni have to say about the MAS program.


"The MAS program led me to success on the CPA exam and, therefore, I was able to pass the exams before I started my career full-time which allowed me to better focus on my work-life balance rather than having to worry about studying after work each day. Additionally, the collaborative and diverse culture of the MAS program helped prepare me for the collaboration and diversity I have experienced so far in my professional career."

Puja Amin

BSA '13 & MAS '14

"The MAS prepared me more effectively for the working world in the accounting industry than anything else in my life. I am able to work more effectively in teams, my written communication is more concise, clear, and effective than many of my coworkers, and I have been able to be more adaptable to different working environments and professional scenarios than I would have been had I not participated in the MAS program."

Jen Coady

BSA '16 & MAS '17

"Joining the MAS program was a no-brainer. I gained enough credit hours to sit for the CPA, but also a Masters degree from one of the best accounting programs in the country. Beyond the name recognition, I truly believe I received the best education and experience. I will always cherish my time at Illinois. Now that I am a few years out of school, I've found a lot of my peers and colleagues are starting to go back to school to further or finish their education. Being able to join the MAS program immediately after undergrad has allowed me to completely focus on my career path. I don't have to worry about needing further qualifications in order to get the job I want in my field."

Andy Dreyfuss

BSA '13 & MAS '14