Investment Banking Academy


Prime Mergers & Acquisitions

Prime is a student-run organization and program within the College of Business that is partnered with the Investment Banking Academy and Investment Management Academy. Prime’s mission is to introduce Freshmen and Sophomores to the fundamental concepts of valuation and strategy that enable students to make informed decisions as it pertains to their campus involvement and career path.

The concepts will be learned through an interactive merger and acquisition simulation, including weekly educational seminars and exclusive information sessions with premiere investment and consulting organizations on campus. Prime will give you the tools to succeed in case competitions, help you network with like-minded individuals, and serve as a launching pad for those interested in careers in Valuation, Investment, and Consulting. Participants of Prime will be given access to exclusive workshops and networking with organizations like IBA, IMA, OTCR, IBC, etc.

Please visit the Prime website HERE to get application and recruitment information.