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Meet with a Career Advisor

Our team offers scheduled appointments available by phone or through Zoom to assist you with a broad range of career management skills and activities, such a job search, resume reviews, interview prep, career exploration and more!

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Consulting Case Training

Our team of Consulting Case Interview Coaches are undergraduate students who have successfully recruited and placed at premier consulting firms. The coaches will work with you to familiarize you with the case style, mechanics, and overall problem solving skills.

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    Appointment Topics

    Click on each of the appointment topics below to learn about what you will focus on when meeting with a career advisor

    • Career Fair Preparation

      Our career advisors will work with you to identify your skills and interests, relate how those skills and interest related to specific majors and careers, and to develop a plan to prepare you for the recruiting process.

    • Career Exploration

      Work with one of our career advisors to learn what to expect at career fair and to develop an effective strategy for engaging with your target employers.

    • Cover Letter Writing

      Cover letters serve as an introduction to accompany your resume. A well-written cover letter is often the first opportunity you have to communicate with a potential employer and is sometimes used as a screening device. Our advisors will help you to carefully prepare and proofread your cover letter and customize it for the job you are applying to.

    • Internship and Full-Time Job Search

      Discover what resources to leverage in your internship or full-time job search and help you develop an effective search strategy.

    • Offer Negotiation

      Learn what questions to ask and become familiar with best-practices and customary expectations during the negotiation process.

    • Practice Interviews - In Person

      Meet with a career advisor to enhance your interviewing skills through a practice behavioral interview. Career advisors will ask general and industry specific interview questions and guide you through the process of identifying relevant examples and structuring effective responses. Our advisors will also answer general questions about how best to prepare for an interview including what to do before, at, and after the interview.

    • Practice Interviews - Virtual

      Students complete a practice interview recording using the Big Interview platform and send their recording(s) to in advance of their in-person advising appointment. Career advisors will go over the process of identifying relevant examples and structuring effective responses in addition to considerations that are unique to participating in a virtual interview.

    • Resume Review

      Work with one of our advisors to improve the content and format of your resume to make it stand out to employers.